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How to manage your anger

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|  26 Mar 2018, 00:00 | Update : 26 Mar 2018, 17:23
How to manage your anger
Psychologists say anger is very normal and healthy expression. But that is true when you can control your anger. Excessive anger causes harm to the surrounding people of yours, mainly causes harm to you. Let’s take some tips to control your anger:

1. When anger emerges bodies of many shake terribly. If you know the symptoms of your anger then control accordingly.

2. Count from 1 to 10 when you are getting angry and then count from 10 to 1. Repeat the process until you are getting normal.

3. Take breath with your nose and release it through your mouth. Repeat the process. It will make you calm.

4. Strange to hear but its true that exercise can reduce your anger. Regular physical exercise can control your stress level. Jogging, running, swimming or yoga- these can reduce your anger.

5. Avoid alcohol for reducing anger. Besides, there is no alternative of regular sleep in this regard.

6. Creative habits like writing, singing, dancing or painting are very helpful for controlling anger. So engage in creative habits until you can to minimize anger.

7. Share your feelings with close friends. You friend could help you to think in different way.

8. Forgetting is the main tool to minimize anger. Forget the past quarrel or the matter of anger as early as possible. Psychologists say that man can live long if he forgets the bitter experiences. Anger should never be nourished.

9. If anger mounts then joke with something or make the situation normal with some expressions. You will see that anger may decrease.

10. When your anger is reduced then speak politely with cool headed attitude. Don’t speak loudly. Make other understand why you are angry.

11. Seek help of psychologist if you are unable to control your anger.


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