• Dhaka Wed, 19 JUNE 2024,
Commons suffer as heavy rain inundates various parts of Dhaka
Nobody following traffic rules!
There is not much impact on the road despite observing 'Traffic Week' and ' Fortnight-long Traffic Awareness Programme'. Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) traffic department has said that the traffic management system in the capital is not returning to normalcy due to non-cooperation of the pedestrians and drivers' reckless driving. 'Fortnight-long Traffic Awareness Programme', which started from January 15, is nearly to end but there is no visible progress in traffic management. In July of last year, after the deaths of two students in road crash in the city, the students started a movement demanding a safe road. Police took various initiatives to bring discipline to the streets. After a series of traffic week celebrations, the 'Fortnight-long Traffic Awareness Programme' started on January 15. No bus driver is following the traffic rules to stop buses at bus stands and keep the doors closed during its movement. Passengers are riding on the buses at random and at the same time, they are not using zebra crossings to cross the road despite warning them repeatedly. Talking to Rtv, a traffic sergeant said, “To bring traffic discipline is not possible if all parties are not aware of it as huge numbers of cars ply the roads of this over population city.” “It is not possible only for us to establish discipline in traffic management if all concerned do not become conscious in this regard,” he added. He went on as saying, “At first, we have to follow traffic rules and then we have to encourage others to obey it, and in this way, it is possible to bring discipline in the traffic management.”   MHK
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