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Zayed Khan's emotional status with his parents on Eid
Joe Alwyn says breakup with Taylor Swift was 'a hard thing to navigate'
Joe Alwyn is speaking publicly for the first time about the end of his years-long relationship with Taylor Swift. In a new interview with the Sunday Times, Alwyn said that he understands 'people's curiosity' about his life but hopes that 'anyone and everyone can (empathize) and understand the difficulties that come with the end of a long, loving, fully committed relationship of over six and a half years.' 'That is a hard thing to navigate,' he added. 'What is unusual and abnormal in this situation is that, one week later, it's suddenly in the public domain and the outside world is able to weigh in.' Swift and Alwyn were first linked romantically in 2016 and broke up in April 2023. Swift has been dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce since September. In April, Swift released 'The Tortured Poets Department,' an album that includes a number of songs that listeners suspect reference her relationship with Alwyn. The Kinds of Kindess' actor did not say in the interview whether he has listened to the album, but said, 'There is always going to be a gap between what is known and what is said. I have made my peace with that.' The former couple kept their relationship mostly under wraps but Swift had previously dropped some Easter Eggs about Alwyn through her music. The pair also collaborated on a number of songs featured on her 2020 Grammy-winning album 'Folklore.' A little over a year after their split, Alwyn said he's found some peace. 'I feel fortunate to be in a really great place in my life, professionally and personally,' he said. 'I feel really good.' Source: CNN
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Shakib's 'Toofan' meets the lowest Rental
Shakib Khan's film 'Toofan' is waiting for release in the upcoming Eid. Its trailer and song have already been released. Seeing the audience's comments, 'Toofan' will blow away all other movies released on Eid. This movie directed by Raihan Rafi came under heavy criticism at the last moments. Money laundering in the name of shooting, fake scenes, fake songs and demands for extra rental have been made against this movie. In the beginning, the rental price was 15 lakh taka, but now its only 1 lakh taka, according to sources. According to the information received from Prithibi cinema hall of Joypurhat and Azad cinema hall of Dhaka, they are running the movie for the rental of only Tk 1 lakh during the Eid festival. Alpha I, one of the three production companies of the movie, has been forced to reduce the rental due to the lack of interest of the cinema hall owners in 'Toofan'. It is said that the rental has been reduced due to weak trailer and merit of the movie. Anand cinema hall is interested in running the movie not only for 1 lakh, but for 50 thousand taka. They claim that the merit of the movie is weak! Meanwhile, many cinema owners have expressed interest in running 'Revenge' due to disinterest in 'Toofan'. Although the rental of Shakib's movie has decreased, the rental of Roshan-Bubli's movie increased. Two theaters have taken the movie for a rental of Tk 12 lakh, but 'Toofan' is going to be screened at the lowest rental in all the remaining theaters. It is known that the movie 'Toofan' has been made on the story of a gangster. Where the image of the nineties will emerge. The story of the movie will proceed with the story of a famous gangster of that time. The co-production 'Toofan' features in Chorki and Alpha I, SVF from India. Apart from Shakib Khan, actors Chanchal Chowdhury, Masuma Rahman Nabila, Kolkata's Mimi Chakraborty and many others acted in this movie.
Musician Tasrif Khan suffers from Tumor on eyes
Tasrif Khan won the hearts of millions of fans by singing through the band 'Kureghor'. Not only as a musician, but also as a social worker, Tasrif is at the peak of popularity among the youth. Most of the time Tasrif travels to various places in the country. Sometimes on the beach and sometimes in the mountains. He go to the desired destination with some musical instruments and band members. He entertained the locals by singing there. And shared it with fans on social media. But suddenly he brought a bad news. The artist suffered from a complex illness. Tumor caught in his eyes. As soon as the news was published, his fans started to worry about him. Tasrif informed about his illness in a social media post on Friday (June 14) evening. In that post, he wrote, 'A tumor was diagnosed inside my right eye. pray for me.' Tasrif's fans expressed their grief in that post; At the same time wished him to get well soon. In this situation, Tasrif comments, 'There is no need to worry at all. If the prayers of any of you are accepted, you will see that by the mercy of Allah, I have recovered quickly, inshallah.' Apart from being involved in various social service activities, this artist does not forget to give compensation even if someone else does good work. In 2022, Tasrif went live on Facebook asking for financial assistance for the people affected by the floods in Sylhet. Which instantly went viral. This artist is standing next to the flood affected people by collecting funds of more than crores of taka.  
Bubli got angry at a press conference
Bubli made her debut in the Bangladesh film industry by acting in the movie 'Bossgiri'. Then she gave her fans various movies like 'Rongbaaz', 'Ahangkar', 'Super Hero Sima', 'Captain Khan'. Dhallywood movie actress Shabnam Bubli. She is coming in front of the audience with the film 'Revenge' directed by Mohammad Iqbal on the coming Eid. Ziaul Roshan acted opposite her in the film. A press conference was held at BFDC to mark the release of the movie (May 13). Actors and crew including Shabnam Bubli were present at the event. Actress Shabnam Bubli suddenly expressed her anger on a journalist during the press conference. The actress was asked whether the minister had to call the authorities to promote 'Deyaler Desh' in theaters and whether she would have to call the minister again after the release of 'Revenge'. In the wake of such allegations, Bubli asked the journalist about DK in turn. She said to the journalist, My movie 'Deyaler Desh' is a hugely appreciated movie and we have a lot of love from the audience who have seen it. However, Bubli repeatedly questioned about the allegations of calling the minister, but she did not say anything clearly about whether the minister was called or not. She said, we all have to be strict against such negativity in the film industry. Incidentally, Bubli's career began with reading news. She started reading news in 2013 on Banglavision, a popular private television channel in Bangladesh. In 2016, Shamim Ahmed Rony, the director of the film 'Bossgiri', offered her to act in the film, and she agreed. There were rumors about Shakib Khan and Bubli's love during and after the shooting of this film. Although there have been rumors about their love-marriage for a long time, both of them kept it a secret. On 27 September 2022, Bubli posted two photos of her baby bump on her Facebook page, although she was not pregnant at the time. As the matter of the child was kept secret for so long and nothing was revealed about the marriage, then questions arose. Later on September 30, both Shakib and Bubli posted their child's picture for the first time on their Facebook pages, saying that Shehzad Khan Bir is their child.
Coca Cola ads / Monira Mithu stood next to Ome
The advertisement of Coca-Cola created a storm in the net world. The controversy about the ad does not stop. Actors Sharaf Ahmed Jiban and Shimul Sharma are in danger by acting in it. Netizens threatened to boycott them as well as Coca Cola. They have already apologized on social media to bring the situation under control. But that doesn't work either. On the other hand, producer Kajol Arefin Ome is connected even though he is not involved with this advertisement. A section of netizens have called for a boycott of all his works, including the web movie 'Female 4', which is awaiting for release on Eid. A page called 'Cyber ​​Community' has given the maker an ultimatum of up to 48 hours to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, Ome has already clarified his position. Still, the producer was surprised to show such anger on him. He does not understand why this criticism is being made. In this situation, actress Monira Mithu stands by Ome. Ome wrote an open letter to viewers on Tuesday (June 11). Monira Mithu shared it. Some of the boycotters expressed their anger on the actress. They are threatening to boycott her if she stands for Ome. But Monira Mithu did not answer them. Meanwhile, Ome wrote in that post, humanity and conscience are two things that make a person a complete. I always try to awaken humanity and conscience through my work. We have been shooting for 'Female 4' for 12 consecutive days in a heat wave since the Eid of last month. Everyone in the unit works hard together. Just for your entertainment. Then he wrote, I always try to speak for common people. Through my work to highlight the small issues of common people's life. I made Bidesh, Kidney, Doi, Sheshmesh and I am here today only for yours love. I am grateful to you. At that time, the creator also wrote about the ad, an agency, company and ad makers are involved with an ad. Since yesterday, my audience, my family and countrymen have been reacting differently to the issue of advertisement, I want to make it clear to everyone that I am not related to that advertisement in any way. I am a director. When an actor or actress comes to work in my project, I only give them direction. I have nothing to do with their personal lives, their work, their way of life. Of course they are my team members but only when they do my work. Outside of this they have personal lives. Ome wrote, you are angry with me, I'm taking your anger because the actors of the advertisement have been working with me for a long time. Many of you may know these performers through my directing work. But I am only the director of these performers, not their guardian. According to Ome, what they do in their personal life is up to them. I have nothing to do with it. And those of you who are saying arrogantly, don't watch 'Female 4', you must not punish other members of the family if one family member does wrong. Ome wrote, since 2010, he has been in the media. In his career of 14 years, he always tried to entertain the audience. In future he will also continue to value the needs of his audience in selecting stories and artists. He said, 'Hope you don't misunderstand me and don't let my hard work to go waste.' Ome's last request was, don't look into the personal life of any performer in my work. I don't deal with anyone's personal life. I try to portray characters in my stories, characters which are a reflection of our society. In the meantime, the producer and actor of the ad, Sharaf Ahmed Jiban, clarified his position on social media. Shimul Sharma, another model of the ad, also apologized.