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Dhaka, The city of traffic jam is now empty
Water rising, houses sinking in Sunamganj
The flood situation in Sunamganj has worsened due to hill slopes and continuous rainfall. The water is increasing continuously. New areas are sinking. On Tuesday (June 18) till 12 noon, the water of Surma river in Sunamganj is flowing above 70 cm. Sunamganj Municipality, Sadar Upazila, Bishwambarpur, Chatak, Dowarabazar, Tahirpur and Shantiganj, at least 7 upazilas have been submerged in flash floods. Millions of people in flood-affected areas have been trapped due to rising water in houses and roads. Many have left their homes and taken shelters in high places. Elderly family members including women and children in the flood-affected areas are living a dehumanized life as kitchens and toilets are submerged. They said that the way the water is rising, it could exceed the severity of the 2022 floods. At the moment, public-private cooperation needed in addition to rescue operations in flood-affected areas. People in the affected areas have asked for dry food and relief aid. Abdul Bashir, a resident of Barpara of Sunamganj Municipality, said that the whole Sunamganj city is floating in water. The water is above my knees in my room. Many have left their homes and gone elsewhere. People are in a lot of trouble. Without public-private cooperation, the suffering will increase. Sunamganj Water Development Board Executive Engineer Mamun Howladar said that the flood situation in Sunamganj may worsen as the upstream water continues to rise. However, it is still not possible to say whether the severity of floods will exceed in 2022 or not. This official advises to keep the property safe to reduce the flood damage ratio. Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Chowdhury said, I am in the flood affected area. The shelter has been opened. He said that dry food, Ziar Chal, and cash money should be allotted for flood affected people.
Animal slaughter increased during Eid-ul-Azha across the country
12 lives lost due to road accident on Eid day
NBR officer's son sacrifices 52 lakh Tk's Animal
Animal sacrifice continues on 2nd day of Eid
President remembered the victims of Remal on Eid day
Eid-ul-Adha is one of the most important religious festivals of Muslims. So that no one is deprived of the joy of Eid on this day. Recently, the powerful Cyclone Remal has caused extensive damage to coastal areas. Many of them want to but are unable to sacrifice. President Md. Sahabuddin thinks that they are living inhuman life after losing all in the cyclone.  He said, the wealthy people of the society should stand by the poverty-stricken and deprived people of the country, including Palestine. President made this call in a greeting speech given on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha at the Credential Hall of Bangabhavan on Monday (June 17). President Md. Sahabuddin said that people in many parts of the world, including Gaza in Palestine, are spending their days in extreme uncertainty with starvation, half-starvation, without treatment and the pain of losing their relatives. We have to think about them too. On this occasion, he extended his sincere greetings to all Bangladeshis living in the country and abroad. He said that Eid-ul-Adha instills the spirit of self-sacrifice  and teaches tolerance. Along with the animal sacrifice, we are praying to the Almighty Allah that we can avoid corruption, can also avoid envy and hatred by our hearts. The President also urged everyone to play a responsible role to keep clean the environment around the house after the sacrifice to avoid the spread of mosquitoes and various diseases. Before this, the president and his wife. Rebeka Sultana exchanged Eid greetings with people from all walks of life at Bangabhaban on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. Members of the President's family and concerned secretaries of Bangabhaban were present there.
Sylhet drowned in heavy rain, Eid joy declined
Sylhet city is flooded due to heavy rains. Several low-lying areas including suburbs of the city, Sobhanighat, Jamtala, Taltala have been submerged. The main road from Chowkidekhi to the airport is also submerged. Water started entering the houses and shops of many people. For that, the city dwellers are in trouble while celebrating the holy Eid-ul-Adha. The joy of Eid turned into sadness. On Monday (June 17) the rain started from 4 am and continues till 8:30 am. It can be seen that, many people are not able to perform sacrifice animal because of not getting a dry place. Cows and goats are tied in the water. Apart from this, the flood situation has worsened in various upazilas of the district. Meanwhile, the main Eid congregation was held at Shahi Eidgah in Sylhet at 8 am with heavy rain. Lakhs of worshipers participate in this Jamaat every year but this time was an exception. Not only the Shahi Eidgah, every mosque and Eidgah was in the same condition. At 8:00 am, water entered the Masjid in the police line. Similarly, Eidgahs and mosques in several areas including Majortila, Kadamtoli, Airport Road, Uposhahar, Sobhanighat were disrupted due to water entering. According to Sylhet Meteorological Office, Sylhet recorded 86 mm rainfall from 6 am to 9 am. Sylhet Water Development Board says that the water of Surma river is flowing below the danger level at Sylhet point but it is flowing 72 cm above the danger level at Kanaighat point.
First congregation of Eid held at Baitul Mukarram
The first congregation of Eid-ul-Adha was held at Baitul Mukarram National Mosque.  On Monday (June 17) at 7 o'clock in the morning, two rakat wajib prayers were performed with the participation of thousands of devout Muslims. Imam Hafez Mawlana Ehsanul Haque of Baitul Mukarram led the first congregation.  Later, a special munajat was offered seeking divine blessings for peace and progress of Bangladesh and welfare of the people as well as the Muslim Ummah.  Imam Hafez Mawlana Ehsanul Haque said, Allah has ordered to perform various acts of worship for the Muslim Ummah. Eid-ul-Adha is one of them. On this day, the most beloved deed to Allah is the shedding of animal blood. But sacrifice should be done only for the purpose of getting the pleasure of Almighty Allah. If someone is slightly negligent in this regard, his sacrifice will not be accepted. Sacrifice cannot be done for the purpose of getting human glory. He also said that everyone's intention should be purified before the sacrifice. Then Allah will write a reward for the sacrificer for every fur of the sacrificed animal. However, four more Eid congregations are scheduled to be held at Baitul Mukarram Mosque. According to the Islamic Foundation, the second Eid-ul-Adha congregation at Baitul Mukarram Mosque held at 8 am, the third at 9 am, the fourth at 10 am and the fifth and last Eid congregation at 11:15 am.  The second Eid jamaat was held at 8am led by pesh imam hafez Mawlana Muhiuddin Kasem. Abdul Hadi  Mawlana Abu Saleh Patwari, Mufassir of the Islamic Foundation, lead the third congregation at 9 am. Mahtamim Mawlana Syed Wahiduzzaman of Mirpur Jamia Arabia lead the fourth congregation at 10 am.  Mufti of Islamic Foundation Mawlana Mohammad Abdullah lead the last congregation at 11:15 am.    However, if an imam is absent in any of the remaining 4 congregations, the Imam of High Court Mazar Mosque, Mawlana Ashraful Islam, will serve as an alternate Imam. It should be noted that the second largest religious festival of the Muslims is being celebrated all over the country today in honor of sacrifice. Devout Muslims sacrifice animals like every other time in the hope of attaining the pleasure of Allah.
Tomorrow to celebrate the holy Eid-ul-Adha, the festival of sacrifice
The holy Eid-ul-Adha or the festival of sacrifice will be celebrated tomorrow in various countries including Bangladesh. It is the second largest religious festival of Muslims. Muslims will sacrifice animals for purification, to please Allah. Surrendering oneself to God through this is the main message of Eid-ul-Adha. During this festival of sacrifice, pilgrims enjoy visiting animal markets and buying sacrificial animals. Those who could afford it bought sacrificial animals. To share the joy of Eid, many have crossed hundred miles from the city to the roots of the village. The Eid ceremony begins with the congregation at the Eidgah. In the meantime, preparations have been completed in all Eidgahs of the country including the capital. Early in the morning, devout Muslims will offer prayers at the Eidgah, then perform animal sacrifices. The president and prime minister, opposition leaders, political parties including BNP have urged to spread the joy of Eid among everyone. In a separate message, the President Sahabuddin and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina congratulated the countrymen on Eid.  Encouraged by the education of sacrifice, they called to forget mutual differences and build the country. Opposition leader GM Quader, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and other top politicians also wished Eid to the countrymen. According to the tradition of sacrifice, there is an opportunity to sacrifice animals on the next two days apart from Eid. As such, sacrifices can be made on Wednesday until Asr time. Sacrifice is obligatory for those who are able ti do. One-third of the meat of the sacrificial animal must be given to the poor. One share should be given to the relatives. The first congregation of Eid will be held at 7:30 in the morning at the National Eidgah Maidan in Dhaka. Apart from this, dignitaries including cabinet members, Supreme Court Justices, Members of Parliament, senior political leaders, high-ranking military and civilian officials will offer Eid prayers here. After the prayer, President Sahabuddin and his wife Dr. Rebeka Sultana will exchange Eid greetings with people from all walks of life at Bangabhaban from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM. The worshipers will offer Eid prayers in 184 Eidgahs and around 1500 mosques in the capital, including the National Eidgah Maidan, Baitul Mukarram Mosque. The historical Sholakia Eidgah of Kishoreganj is ready for the country's largest Eid congregation. The 197th Eid congregation will be held in this Eidgah. On the other hand, the country's second largest Eid congregation will be held at Gor-E-Shahid Eidgah Maidan in Dinajpur.  Muslims believe that Qurbani has gained the status of worship in view of the historical events of the father of the Muslim nation, Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) and his son Hazrat Ismail (a.s.). Allah asked Ibrahim (a.s.) to sacrifice his own son as a test, so he prepared to sacrifice his beloved child without any doubt or question. But by the order of Allah, Dumba was sacrificed. Since then, the custom of animal sacrifice was introduced.
Most of capital's animal markets are empty by Noon
The holy Eid-ul-Adha is only one day left. Most of the animal markets in the capital started to become empty on the last day.  On Sunday (June 16), this image can be seen by visiting various animal markets in the capital. This year, Dhaka's Eid-ul-Adha sacrificial animal markets are witnessing a sharp rise in demand for small and medium-sized cattle, while sellers of large cattle are struggling with sluggish sales. However, the sale and purchase of sacrificial animals in the markets of the capital has not been that much, but a completely different picture was seen on Friday and Saturday. Many have bought their favorite animals and returned home. Sellers are also happy as sales are high. In the last two days, the presence of cows has been seen in the surrounding roads and lanes except the field designated for Tejgaon market. But today the animal market started to be empty. By 2 pm, market is almost empty. From the road to the field, no animals were seen except for a few cows.  Ali Hossain brought 16 cows from Roumari. All his cows were sold by morning. When asked, he said, I brought a total of 16 cows. All are medium and small size cows. The last one was sold this morning. Medium and small size cows are in high demand in the market. But there are also unsold cows of this size. Joynal Mia brought a total of 9 medium size cows from Bhaluka. He said, I brought 9 cows. There are currently 4. The price doesn't match, so I didn't sell them because they are more expensive. I will see till afternoon. Apart from the designated place of the capital's Meradia market, there are enough animals to be seen in the surrounding alleys, but now most of them are empty. A buyer named Mizanur Rahman who came to buy cows in this market said that many sacrificial animals had available to this market. Small, large, medium sized cows and goats had arrived. I didn't think it would be empty on the last day. A businessman from Narayanganj said that he brought a total of 6 big size cows, 4 of them were sold. Two of the largest remain. Despite these complaints, some buyers managed to find cattle within their budgets.