• Dhaka Wed, 19 JUNE 2024,
Sylhet drowned in heavy rain, Eid joy declined
Most of capital's animal markets are empty by Noon
The holy Eid-ul-Adha is only one day left. Most of the animal markets in the capital started to become empty on the last day.  On Sunday (June 16), this image can be seen by visiting various animal markets in the capital. This year, Dhaka's Eid-ul-Adha sacrificial animal markets are witnessing a sharp rise in demand for small and medium-sized cattle, while sellers of large cattle are struggling with sluggish sales. However, the sale and purchase of sacrificial animals in the markets of the capital has not been that much, but a completely different picture was seen on Friday and Saturday. Many have bought their favorite animals and returned home. Sellers are also happy as sales are high. In the last two days, the presence of cows has been seen in the surrounding roads and lanes except the field designated for Tejgaon market. But today the animal market started to be empty. By 2 pm, market is almost empty. From the road to the field, no animals were seen except for a few cows.  Ali Hossain brought 16 cows from Roumari. All his cows were sold by morning. When asked, he said, I brought a total of 16 cows. All are medium and small size cows. The last one was sold this morning. Medium and small size cows are in high demand in the market. But there are also unsold cows of this size. Joynal Mia brought a total of 9 medium size cows from Bhaluka. He said, I brought 9 cows. There are currently 4. The price doesn't match, so I didn't sell them because they are more expensive. I will see till afternoon. Apart from the designated place of the capital's Meradia market, there are enough animals to be seen in the surrounding alleys, but now most of them are empty. A buyer named Mizanur Rahman who came to buy cows in this market said that many sacrificial animals had available to this market. Small, large, medium sized cows and goats had arrived. I didn't think it would be empty on the last day. A businessman from Narayanganj said that he brought a total of 6 big size cows, 4 of them were sold. Two of the largest remain. Despite these complaints, some buyers managed to find cattle within their budgets.   
11km tailback on Dhaka-Tangail highway 
Tk 3.8cr toll collected in 24hrs at Bangabandhu Bridge
Arsa commander arrested with weapons in Ukhiya
Traffic congestion on expressway worsens, 8 km tailback
Train schedule disruption on first day of Eid journey
A special train service has started from Wednesday (June 12) to ensure smooth journey of homebound people during the Eid ul-Adha. However, on the first day, all the trains leaving Kamalapur in the capital have been disrupted. As a result, thousands of homebound passengers have suffered. There is a long wait at the station in the scorching heat. Those who bought tickets on the 2nd June are returning home today. On Wednesday (June 12) at 8:30 am, a crowd of people was seen at Kamalapur railway station. On the first day of the Eid journey, such a crowd has gathered at the station due to the train schedule disaster. Mentioning that the railway is passing through a transitional period due to heat wave, mango special train and several development projects, the station manager said that the delay of the railway will be over soon. Rajshahi-bound Dhumketu Express (769), the first train of the day, left Dhaka Railway Station at 7:20 am after a delay of one hour and 20 minutes. The second train of the day, the Tourist Express (816), left at 6:50 pm after a delay of about 40 minutes. The third train, Sylhet-bound Parabat Express, was scheduled to leave the station at 6:30 am, but it left Dhaka station at 8:30 am. Kishoreganj-bound Egarosindur Prabhati (737) train was scheduled to leave at 7:15 am, but it left at 9:19 am. The first Eid special train of the day 'Dewanganj Eid Special' was scheduled to leave Dhaka station at 9:25 am, but the train left Dhaka station at 10:25 am by delaying one hour. Sohel Rana,a passenger said, 'I will go to Rangpur. I arrived at Dhaka Railway Station at 8:30. The train is scheduled to leave at 9:10 a.m. But now it's 9:30. But the train did not arrive at the platform.'
'My son and wife could not have Iftar'
'My son and daughter-in-law were fasting. They ate Sehri, they could not have Iftar. God took them before that.' Yasmin Begum grieved. The bodies of Karim Uddin, his wife Shamima Akhter Rozi and their two-year-old son Tani were recovered from Sylhet on Monday (June 10). They have been fasting since last Saturday on the occasion of the month of Dhul Hijjah. They did not take Iftar after Sehri on Monday. All three were killed when a mound collapsed on their house while they were sleeping.  Yasmin Begum who lost her son, daughter-in-law and grandson said, I have two sons, two daughters. Of the two sons, Rahim is the eldest and Karim is the younger. Karim works at a travel agency in Sylhet city. 'Before 7 am on Monday, I left my eldest son's room with my two grandsons. Rahim's six-month-old daughter and Rahim's wife Tahmina were at home. In another room there were Karim, his wife Shammi and their two-year-old child were sleeping. At 7 o'clock in the morning,  when everyone sleeping in the house, the soil of the mound collapsed on the house. At that time, the eldest son's wife was able to come out of the house unharmed with the younger child, but my elder son Rahim was buried under the ground. Then, the residents of the neighborhood went ahead and rescued Rahim. However, they could not rescue anyone from Karim's house. Ward councillor Jahangir Alam said, 'Two families used to live in the collapsed house. Six members of two families were trapped under the muddy house due to the landslide. Police, fire service and we rescued three members of a family and sent them to Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital. In addition, an army team started working on the spot in search of the rest of the same family who were buried in the landslide. At one stage, the bodies of Karim, his wife and child were recovered. The incident is very tragic.
Landslide killed 3 of the same family in Sylhet
3 of a family die in Sylhet landslide. The army rescue team recovered the bodies of the missing husband and wife and their two-year-old child.  On Monday (June 10) at around 12:30 noon, their bodies were recovered about 7 and a half hours after the landslide. The deceased are Karim Uddin (31), son of the Late Rafiq Uddin (31), his wife Shamima Akhter Rozi (25) and their two-year-old child Tani.  Their house No. 89, Road No. 2 in Chamelibagh area. Locals said that the landslide happened at 6:30 in the morning. They said that three more injured people were rescued and admitted to Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital. The injured in this incident are - Mahmud Uddin, Babul Uddin, Agha Bachchu Uddin, Shafiq Uddin. After the incident, Fire Service, CSIC staff along with locals conducted rescue operations in search of the missing persons, but they were not found. Later, the army joined the rescue operation. Jahangir Alam, Ward Councilor No. 35 of CSIC said, 'There were two families living in the collapsed house. Six members of two families were trapped under the collapsed house. Police, Fire Service and we came and rescued three members of a family and sent them to Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital. Apart from this, a team of the army started working at the spot in search of the rest of the same family who were buried under the dune collapse. At one stage, the bodies of Karim and his wife and child were recovered. The incident is very shocking. Confirming the truth of the incident, Mohammad Harun Ur Rashid Chowdhury, OC of Shah Paran Police Station, said that three members of the same family were buried under the house after a half-baked house fell on top of a half-baked house due to rain. Their bodies were recovered and sent to Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital.