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UAE opens visas for Bangladeshi physician-engineers

Mahabub Hasan Hridoy from Dubai
|  20 Jul 2018, 00:00 | Update : 20 Jul 2018, 20:51
UAE opens visas for Bangladeshi physician-engineers
Visas are made open for Bangladeshi physicians and engineers in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The visas will be given in all categories for the physicians and associated professionals and in 68 categories for the engineers. Ambassador of Bangladesh appointed in UAE Dr. Mohammad Imran said these.

He delivered the information while participating in a view exchange meeting jointly organized by expatriate engineers and Bangladesh association on Thursday evening.

The employment visa was undeclared banned for last six years for Bangladeshis in UAE. Although the visas for engineers and physicians were opened but some visa seekers were rejected to provide visas.

Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Imran said that the situation has improved and it is a great diplomatic achievement for the government.

He said, through a letter issued from the UAE Human Resources Development Ministry visas were opened for some certain professions.

Engineers will be given visas for the following categories:

  1. Architect department: Architect engineer, Architect, Landscape architect, Urban planning engineer, Décor engineer.
  2. Civil engineering department: Project engineer, Civil engineer (Building construction, Roads and highways, Bridge, Airport, Port, Railway, Dam, Irrigation, Traffic engineering, Soil mechanics, General survey, Air survey, Sea survey).
  3. Electrical engineering department: General electrical, Electrical power generation, Power distribution and transmission, Power transmission, Power distribution, Electrical lines, Electrical maintenance, Precision instruments, Monitoring and control.
  4. Electronics engineering department: General electronics, Radio and television, Transmission, Maintenance, Aero plane radio and radar engineering.
  5. Mechanical engineering department: General mechanical, Production, Casting, Welding, Central air-conditioning, General maintenance, Automotive, Road machinery, Train maintenance, Aero plane maintenance, Ship maintenance, Agricultural machinery, Nuclear power.
  6. Chemical engineering department: General chemical, Research and development, Petroleum, Fertilizer, Food industry.
  7. Mine and mining engineering department: Geological, Mining, Petroleum, Oil drilling, Explosives.
  8. Industrial engineering department: General, Factory planning, Equipment installation, Manufacturing, Occupational health and safety, Handling, Material, Time and motion study, Public health and environment.

The program was moderated by Engineer SA Morshed where Bangladesh Association president Engineer Moazzem Hossain, senior Engineer Mohammad Abu Zafar Chowdhury, senior Engineer Mashiur Rahman and Engineer Mohammad Shahidul Islam delivered speech.



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