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Holy Ashura today

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|  30 Aug 2020, 09:42 | Update : 11 Sep 2020, 01:42
Holy Ashura today
The holy Ashura
The holy Ashura, commemorating the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hossain Ibn Ali (RA), a grandson of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), is being observed across the country todat with due religious solemnity.

Today is the 10th day of the month of Muharram in Hijri calendar. Muslims across the world recall the sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hossain (RA) along with his family members and 72 followers, who embraced martyrdom in 680 AD for establishing truth and justice in the fight with soldiers of Yazid on Karbala Maidan in Iraq.

President Md Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina issued separate messages on the eve of the holy Ashura, paying deep respect to Hazrat Imam Hossain (RA) and other martyrs of Karbala.

In his message, the President said, “The Holy Ashura is a significant and mourning day for the whole Muslim Ummah.”

On Muharram 10 in Hijri 61, Hazrat Imam Hossain (RA), grandson of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), his family members and his companions embraced martyrdom for establishing truth and justice in the fight with soldiers of Yazid on Karbala Maidan, he added.

Their supreme sacrifice for upholding the ideals of Islam remains as a glorious event in the history, Hamid said.

He said the tragic incident of Karbala inspires “us” to be vocal against any injustice and repression and lead the life in the path of truth and beauty.

“Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. Here there is no room for confrontation, jealousy and envy,” the President added.

The President hoped that the lesson of Ashura would act as the source of inspiration for all to spread the light of truth and beauty in the society along with establishing the social and religious values.

The Prime Minister, in her message, said the sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hossain (RA) and his companions to establish truth and justice in society is a glaring and emulating example for the Muslim Ummah across the world.

“We, however, are observing the Ashura this year in a crisis period. The coronavirus has paralyzed the whole world. Our government is taking all necessary steps to face the situation. We continue all sorts of support to the people,” Sheikh Hasina said.

Allah tests the patience of people when they are in trouble, the premier said, adding that in this time everyone should come forward to help each other with patience and tolerance.

She urged all to follow health guidelines and offer special prayers to the Almighty Allah seeking relief from the lethal virus.

“Let’s build a discrimination-free, happy, prosperous and peaceful Bangladesh being imbued with the spirit of the holy Ashura by participating in welfare-oriented works from our respective positions in establishing truth and justice at the national level,” the Prime Minister said.

During the ongoing coronavirus crisis, a short programme has been taken all over the country, including Dhaka, on this occasion. Police have taken special security measures in the capital marking the occasion.

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has banned all kinds of tazia, mourning and pike processions in the Dhaka metropolitan area on the occasion of the holy Ashura.

However, devoted city dwellers will be able to perform religious rite in compliance with the health rules. But, carrying of knives, daggers, scissors, spears, swords, sticks and displaying of fireworks and crackers will be strictly prohibited in these programmes.

The DMP urged not to allow anybody to enter the function venue without wearing masks and asked everyone to apply necessary health protective measures at all stages.

The day is a public holiday.

Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Television and private TV channels will air special programmes while newspapers and online news portals publish supplements highlighting the significance of the day.

Source: BSS


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