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Chicken sandwich recipe

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|  29 Mar 2019, 00:00 | Update : 29 Mar 2019, 20:48
Chicken sandwich recipe
Mothers usually have to ponder about tiffin items for their children whether they would like it or not. Chicken Sandwich can be a suitable item for the mothers to prepare it at home. Let’s see how you can prepare it-


Bread (Loaf)- 12 pieces, chicken chest meat- 500 grams, green chilly granules- 2 table spoons, mayonnaise- 1 cup, black pepper powder- half tea spoon, slight turmeric and salt.

Preparation process

Cut the chicken meat into small cubes. Heat the oil in a pan and then boil the meat with green chilly, turmeric, black pepper and salt. When the meat is boiled then pick up the green chilly. Now mix mayonnaise with the cooked meat.

Now take the pieces of loaf and separate the hard side-portion of those. Prepare the sandwich with mixture of cooked meat and put that one by one in the tiffin box of your child. Don’t forget to add a fruit with it.


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