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1074 women fall victim of rape in 2020

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|  10 Jan 2021, 23:07
1074 women fall victim of rape in 2020
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The incident of rape has not decreased after making death penalty as the capital punishment for this kind of offence. 1,074 women fell victim of rape in the year 2020. Human rights activist advocate Elina Khan said, not only endorsing laws, it needs proper application of the laws and also need change of view towards women.

Psychologist Dr. Ahmed Helal said, this kind of violence cannot be prevented due to degradation of moral, familial and social values. Everyday there are occurring incidents like women repression and rape.

According to the information of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad 3,440 women and children fell victim of repression. Among those there were 1,074 rapes, 236 gang rapes, 33 were killed after rape and 3 committed suicide due to rape and in total 1,346 women and children fell victim of rape.

Advocate Elina Khan said, we cannot stop this kind of crime by increasing the punishment. It needs practice of moral values.

Associate Professor of National Mental Health Institute Dr. Helal Uddin Ahmed said, this kind of crime will decrease if we pay proper respect to women. It needs social change along with apply of law. We have to introduce science based sexual education. Otherwise it will continue.

Experts say that the role of educational institutions and the state is very important to build the foundation of values and respect to women from the childhood. Consciousness and social solidarity are needed to get release from this social disease and violence.


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