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WASA MD’s tenure extended for 3 more years

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|  01 Oct 2020, 21:00
WASA MD’s tenure extended for 3 more years
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The tenure of Engineer Taqsem A Khan has been extended for three more years as the Managing Director (MD) of Dhaka WASA. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has approved the file regarding appointment of Taqsem A Khan following recommendation of the WASA board.

Additional Secretary of local government division Mohammad Ibrahim confirmed the information to Rtv news on Thursday.

Mohammad Ibrahim said, Prime Minister has approved the file to reappoint him for three more years. We have informed the WASA authority. WASA is a commercial corporate body. So an agreement will be signed between Taqsem A Khan and WASA board.

Earlier, on September 19 recommendation was made to reappoint him as the MD of WASA for three more years. The recommendation was sent to local government division. From there the file was sent to the Prime Minister.

Mentionable, Dhaka WASA runs by the WASA Act which was passed in 1996. According to the act MD is the CEO of the institution. The government appoints for the post of MD through local government ministry following proposal or recommendation of the WASA board.

But there is nothing mentioned in the act about how many times or for how many years a person can hold the post of MD. As a result Taqsem A khan has been holding the post of MD since he was appointed first time in 2009.


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