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Govt issues five fresh directives to combat coronavirus

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|  21 Jan 2022, 12:52
Govt issues five fresh directives to combat coronavirus
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The cabinet division has issued five emergency directives to prevent Covid-19 transmission. The directives were issued on Friday.

The five directives are:

  1. All the schools and colleges will remain closed till 6th February starting from January 21.
  2. The universities of the country will take such measures accordingly according to the direction.
  3. Gathering of people more than 100 persons is prohibited in the state, social, political or religion based programs. In this case the participants have to show Corona PCR test negative certificate within 24 hours and the certificate of corona vaccine.
  4. All the officials of government and private offices and mill-factories have to obtain corona vaccine certificates. The concerned authority will take responsibility in this regard.
  5. People at public places like markets, kitchen markets, bus stands, launch ghast, rail stations have to wear mask mandatory basis. Local administration and law enforcement agencies will monitor the matter.


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