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Death due to Corona 5000, heart attack 1 lakh, suicide 11000

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|  18 Feb 2021, 22:48
Death due to Corona 5000, heart attack 1 lakh, suicide 11000
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Secretary of statistics and information management Muhammad Yamin Chowdhury said, in the last 10 months more than 5000 people died due to coronavirus pandemic situation in the country. In this period about one lakh people died from heart attack and over 11000 people committed suicide.

The secretary said this at a workshop titled ‘Stakeholder (media) consultation workshop’ organized at the auditorium of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics on Thursday.

Yamin Chowdhury said, we become too much concern regarding all the matter, this should not be. We should not do harm to other things being concern over one thing. Such as we were too much concern over Covid but more people died from other causes. It was beyond our assumption which has come out after performing surveys.

The Secretary also said, if there is no inflation, the economy will not work. The investors will not invest. Inflation should remain at healthy stage. If it is more then will negatively affect our daily life, similarly if it goes downward it will hurt the economy. In our country inflation remains within 5 percent, it is positive sign. There is nothing to be happy if inflation goes downward trend.


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