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Passports of Bangladeshi expats in KSA to be renewed: Kamal

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|  17 Jan 2021, 19:45
Passports of Bangladeshi expats in KSA to be renewed: Kamal
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Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said, the Bangladeshi nationals who have lost their passports and would apply for passport renewal, their problems will be solved for sure. Besides, among the Rohingya population who got Bangladeshi passports, if they apply for renewal then we will take decision after analyzing those.

The home minister said this while answering to the newsmen after joining 30 thousand baskets of food items distribution project implementation program for Rohingyas in Bangladesh and the host community at a hotel in the capital on Sunday.

Asaduzzaman Khan said, Rohingya problem is not new. Even Rohingyas came here 50-60 years ago. Saudi Arabia was so generous that they sheltered Rohingyas at that time. Rohingyas live in a particular area in Saudi Arabia. We always have said that Rohingyas are not Bangladeshi nationals, they are the inhabitants of Myanmar.

He said, if any Bangladeshi went to Saudi Arabia as Rohingya national then we will give him the Bangladeshi passport. The economic expansion that Bangladesh is going through, if that continues then we will be the 25th largest prosperous economy in the world by the year 2035.

The minister said, bilateral discussions are going on including in the United Nations to send back 1.1 million Rohingyas to Myanmar. We want Saudi government to be our side to send Rohingyas back to their country.

Saudi Arabian Ambassador in Bangladesh Essa Yussef Essa Al Dulaihan was present in the program.


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