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Bangladeshi entrepreneur reshaping America's renewable-energy consumer experience

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  10 Feb 2022, 17:31
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Mahmudul Hasan, a New York-based Bangladeshi energy entrepreneur, has been leading data-driven solutions for existing and potential renewable energy users. Clean Energy Exploration LLC, his company, develops an application called Nexergy that enables consumers to have a better control of their solar installations and upgrades. Nexergy recently released a free estimation tool that takes into account all complex factors like roof size and shape, shaded roof areas, local weather, local electricity prices, solar costs, and estimated incentives over time to calculate the potential cost and savings of property-specific solar upgrades and installations. Nexergy also provides free educational tools to educate users on how to install, maintain, and upgrade their system.

Mahmudul is a legal professional with experience and expertise in energy law. He received his first law degree from the University of Dhaka, started his career as a law academic in Dhaka and moved to the United States in 2018 to pursue his education in energy law. Mahmudul says, “I spent seven-eight years of my life learning, researching and teaching energy and environmental law. I always dreamed of contributing the clean energy sector. When I started this project in 2019, I had some of my friends joined in the same goal with me. As a law professional, it was never easy for me to combine my expertise in the data and information technology sector. I never gave up the dream. My passion in cutting-edge technologies and vision to change the energy-market experience give me unlimited source of motivation to innovate, experiment and implement. I failed, I learnt, I grew, and now I believe I am well-positioned to change the conversional way of energy production and consumption. I want consumers to have more control of their energy usage, to make decision of their own energy usage and to contribute the clean future.”

Nexergy is also working on other features, such as earth imagery tools to analyze the roof shape and local weather patterns to create a personalized year-round usable sunlight and community data discovery tools to see the solar estimate for a specific geolocation, according to Mahmudul. He added that their information and resources will also help researchers and energy professionals to get a market insight. He also told us that Nexergy is collaborating with some of the top IT and energy specialists to put the Nexergy’s vision into life and they are using a variety of cutting-edge technologies such as geospatial analytics, advanced visualization, big data, artificial intelligence, APIs, integrated databases, Google Map and 3d modeling, Federal and state resources to generate a real-time and near-accurate individualized analysis. They're also collaborating with a blockchain ledger technology to make peer-to-peer transactions.Mahmudul says, they want to develop the right business models with forward looking partners, so they are prepared to provide the services consumers are going to want in the distributed energy future.

Mahmudul says, “My efforts to change the energy landscape of the United States of course will have a positive impact on the global scale including my country, Bangladesh. I will implement the same with a socioeconomic-specific business-model for Bangladesh, my innovation succeeds here.”

According to Mahmudul, they are looking for grants and funds to fuel up their operation and goal, and they are hopeful that they will be able to attract funds and possible investors. Clean energy-based microgrids are expected to become an important part of the energy matrix in near future. The Nexergy is one of the first to implement this kind of visionin America’s energy market and has been featured in some America’s leading media. As people search for an accurate and individualized analysis for reliable and environmentally-responsible sources of energy, localized and individualized analysis by Nexergy provides an exciting prospect.



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