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AI-based system at display in International Police Expo

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  07 Jul 2022, 19:16
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Over 18 countries have participated in International Police Expo-2022 showcasing their advanced firearms and Artificial Intelligence-based safety system for the protection of society on Wednesday at Pragati maidan in New Delhi.

Senior police officers from Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab and several others states visited the stalls and took information on the latest technology available to deal with any law and order situation.

Visitors have seen a demo of an AI-based facial recognition system that can identify suspects with masked faces and eyes covered with goggles. The software-based system requires just 40 per cent of the face from any angle to get the person identified from the list saved on the server.
Organized by Nexgen Exhibitions, International Police Expo 2022 will end on Thursday. It is hosting over 350 world-class companies from various countries such as the UK, US, Israel, Germany, France, Dubai, UAE, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden.

Highlighting the key attractions, Mukesh Kharia, Organizer, International Police Expo said, "With this gala inaugural of our two-day International police expo, we are confident that senior police and law enforcement officials, security agencies, government representatives and professionals will successfully connect and interact with global and domestic manufacturers, suppliers and innovators so as to shape up a bright future for policing and homeland security in India."

With mob violence emerging as a serious challenge for policing in India, companies from various countries are displaying their latest innovations and technologies for mob and riot controlling.

"With significant advances in technology and AI, Facial Recognition today has become increasingly valuable for authorities and agencies to rapidly extract biometric imprints of perpetrators in mob or riot situations. Corsight's technology enables authorities/agencies to quickly run investigations in order to resolve dangerous situations and identify those involved. This can be done in large crowds, with poor lighting, obscure camera angles and even with individuals wearing sunglasses or masks.", says Prashant Kaul, Regional Sales Director, Corsight.ai.

India's leading companies and government organizations such as PLR Systems - Adani Group, (Advanced Weapons), Cellebrite, (Internationally acclaimed company for mobile forensic), Pelorus Technologies (Forensic products), Ordnance Equipment Factory - A Unit of Troop Comforts Limited, Munitions India Ltd (Ministry of Defense, Government of India), Advanced Weapon and Equipment India Ltd. (Govt. of India Enterprise, Ministry of Defense), Abbott Diagnostics Medical Private Limited (Narcotic Drug Test) are participating at the 7th edition of International Police Expo.

"We are the leading manufacturers of indigenous quick response hand-held anti-drone systems for use by security and police forces for countering rogue drones and unauthorized photography. We are displaying our state-of-the-art three-channel system and projecting a seven-channel system at International Police Expo 2022.", says Col. Balaram Pillai, Head, Defence & Aerospace, HILD Defense and Aerospace Pvt Ltd.

On-road safety, a Noida-based company Sparsh CCTV has developed a breath analyzer that can detect alcohol presence from a distance of two feet. It will help to curb drunk driving cases where drivers refuse to undergo a breathalyzer test claiming of getting Covid by blowing into the meter, official data said.

Source: ANI


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