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Israeli airstrikes, Dead bodies lying on the road in Al-Aqsa Hospital area

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  08 Jun 2024, 21:35
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Israel carried out fierce airstrikes around the Al-Aqsa hospital in central Gaza. Al Jazeera, an international media based in Qatar, reported this.

Al-Aqsa Hospital spokesman Khalil Al-Degran said that 55 people were killed in the attack. Hundreds of injured people coming to the hospital.

A director of the Kuwait Specialty Hospital in Rafah area said that the bodies of those killed in the Israeli attack were lying on the road.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) doctor Tanya Haj-Hassan told Al Jazeera that Al-Aqsa Hospital does not have the capacity to function as the main hospital in Gaza.

She also said that the health system in Gaza has completely collapsed. Other hospitals were destroyed by Israeli forces.

Describing the chaotic situation at Al-Aqsa Hospital, she added, 'The picture of there which describe my colleagues is terrible.'

She quoted a colleague's speech in the hospital's emergency department as saying, 'There going on a complete genocide.' She also said that the video footage sent from the emergency department shows blood everywhere.

Meanwhile, the death in Gaza from Israeli attacks risen to 36,801. 83 thousand 680 Palestinians were injured. Most of them were women and children.


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