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Israeli soldiers trodden by Hamas counter-attack

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  18 May 2024, 10:28
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More than 35,000 people have died in the eight-month-long Israeli offensive in Gaza. Most of them are women and children. Injured exceeded 79 thousand. The Palestinian independence organization is making long-term preparations for not meeting Hamas's demands.

Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Gaza-based Palestinian resistance movement, said on Friday that Hamas was ready for a long-term war with Israel. According to brigade Abu Obaida in a video message,

'We are ready for a long battle of attrition against the enemy, despite our full commitment to stop the attacks on the people,' brigade Abu Obaida said in a video message.

Abu Obayda announced that over the past 10 days, Al-Qassam fighters have targeted 100 Israeli military vehicles in fighting across the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army does not disclose its losses in Gaza.

'We are dragging them (Israeli forces) into a quagmire where they will get nothing but the death of their soldiers and the capture of their officers,' he said.

Abu Obaidah claimed that the fighters of Al-Qassam Brigade inflicted a terrible blow on the Israeli army in the eastern city of Rafah.

Islamic Jihad commandos have joined Hamas in Gaza in the war of resistance against Israel. With that, the Lebanese military group - Hezbollah is even more angry. The Israeli army is now in a state of treachery in all their dangerous attacks. Disciples of Hassan Nasrullah are carrying out terrible attacks every day to make Israel leave Gaza to establish the rights of Palestinian brothers and sisters. An Israeli base destroyed.

The Times of Israel reported on Thursday that Gaza experienced one of its worst nightmares in recent memory. Just as the fighters of Hamas in the north of Gaza have put up a fierce resistance, Hezbollah has launched a massive attack from the Lebanese border into Israel. In the meantime, Israel has bombed its own military areas from its warplanes.

The IDF says a half-ton bomb fell from a warplane on Friday morning in an area of ​​the Yated community on the Gaza border. But the bomb did not explode. Israeli forces described the incident as unusual. The 'Same Side' incident occurred when the warplane was returning from an attack on Rafah city. The unexploded ordnance was recovered by Israeli forces.

There have been more such incidents. An Israeli military drone crashed in the northern city of Majdal Shams early Friday morning local time, the IDF said, claiming the drone fell from the sky due to a technical malfunction. The drone was being used to monitor military movements on the ground. Hamas claims the drone, known as Sky Raider, was shot down by their rockets.


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