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Mastan: New drama by Rj Farhan, audience floating with emotions

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  16 Jun 2024, 17:50
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Musfiq R. Farhan's new play 'Mastan' has been released on YouTube on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. And since the release of the drama, the audience is floating with emotions on in the comment box of Facebook, YouTube.

The drama is produced by Rubel Anush based on Abraham Tamim's story, screenplay and dialogues.

Ramzan Hossain watched the play released on Saturday (June 15) noon on YouTube.

He wrote in the comment box, I don't know when the tears comming out. In fact, middle-class people like us have a lot of dreams and endless love for that animal. But we are middle class, we have to sell it for money.

Another viewer named Alim Khan wrote that the last 10 minutes of the drama brought tears to his eyes. In fact, those who love cows will understand the greatness of this drama.

Jannat Akhtar wrote, 'The drama was very beautiful. It touched my heart. At the time of Qurbani, millions of people burst into tears because of the love of their beloved animal.'

Since the release, the views of the drama are increasing. As of writing this report, 1.6 million viewers watched the drama.

Regarding the drama, actor Farhan said, 'It can be a good opening for me. The first work of this Eid has been published. Getting good response. As I cried for 'Mastan' in the play, now the audience is crying for both of us. Getting lots of texts and calls. Thanks to everyone involved in the play.'

Apart from Musfiq R. Farhan, Tania Brishty, Monira Mithu, Somu Chowdhury and others acted in the drama.


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