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Viral from Qurbani goat purchase: Who is this Ifat

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  20 Jun 2024, 15:07
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Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat, who went viral by announcing the purchase of goats from Sadeeq Agro, the country's popular agro firm.

The saga began a week before Eid, when Ifat went viral for reportedly purchasing a goat at Tk 12 lakh, originally demanded Tk 15 lakh.

The issue is now the talk of the town as the name of a revenue officer is involved as his father. In the meantime, the revenue officer named Motiur Rahman denied Ifat as his son and gave birth to another controversy. In addition to doubt, there is only one question in the public mind, then who is Ifat? Why did he take the name of Motiur Rahman, president of Customs, Excise and VAT Appellate Tribunal of National Revenue Board.

In this regard, the Revenue Board official claims that there must be someone behind this incident.

Motiur Rahman told the media, I have one son and one daughter. My son's name is Ahmed Taufiqur Rahman Arnob. And the daughter's name is Farzana Rahman Ipsita. My son came to the country a year ago after studying economics from a university in the United States. And my daughter lives permanently in Canada with her seven-year-old child and husband.

Claiming not to know Ifat, he said, 'I have no child named Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat. I am not even remotely related to that family. Their house is in Dhanmondi, and I live in Bashundhara residential area. The incident seems mysterious to me.'

Explaining why it seems 'mysterious', the Revenue Board official said that the election was suspended due to a murder in Raipura during the upazila elections. If a new schedule is announced, that election will be held. His wife Laila Kaniz Lucky is a candidate in the election. Therefore, he thinks that someone may have done this incident to gain political advantage by defaming his family.

Meanwhile, Ifat could not be found at Dhanmondi's house. Later, when he caught on the phone, he said that he did not actually buy that goat. The owner of Sadeeq Agro just told him to act like this.

According to Ifat, Imran, the owner of Sadeeq Agro, is his close brother. Imran told him, 'Give a slap to the goat, then see what it does.' Ifat did and then Imran took pictures and videos.

But Sadeeq Agro says that Ifat paid Tk 1 lakh to buy the goat but did not take it after discussion on social media. One such goat can also be seen in Sadeeq Agro.


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