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Animal sacrifice continues on 2nd day of Eid

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  18 Jun 2024, 12:44
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The holy Eid-ul-Adha was celebrated on Monday (June 17) across the country with religious fervour. In the hope of getting the pleasure of Almighty Allah, Muslims sacrificed animals. Those who could not perform this obligatory worship due to various reasons including non-availability of butcher, offering animal sacrifice today.

On Tuesday (June 18), various areas of the capital were visited, Dhanmondi residential area, Old Dhaka, Dhupkhola and Gandaria areas of the capital were seen performing animal sacrifices.

When asked the reason for offering sacrifice on the second day of Eid, most of the sacrificers mentioned the reason for the butcher crisis on the first day. Many also sacrifice the second day to maintain family and traditional traditions.

Shimul Biswas, a resident of Sheorapara, said that even on the day of Eid, I could offer the sacrifice with seasonal butchers, but they cannot prepare the meat properly. There is a shortage of professional butchers on Eid. So we are sacrificing the second day of Eid due to the shortage of professional butchers.

Kamal Hossain, a resident of Narinda, said, 'This is our tradition. My parents used to sacrifice on the day after Eid. It has become a rule.'

However, the total time of Qurbani is three days in Islamic Sharia. Sacrifice can be offered from the time of Eid prayer on the 10th of Zilhaj to before sunset on the 12th of Zilhaj. After sunset on the 12th of Zilhaj, there is no chance to sacrifice.

But if someone slaughters a sacrificial animal after the end of the time of sacrifice i.e. after sunset of 12 Zilhaj, then all the meat of that animal must be given in charity. In such a case, if the value of the meat is reduced compared to the live animal, the amount of the reduced value must also be given in charity.


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