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Latest information about cyclone 'Remal'

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  21 May 2024, 11:59
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A low pressure is likely to develop over Southwest Bay of Bengal and adjoining areas during the next two days. Later it accumulates more energy and can develop into a cyclone.

When the cyclone forms, it will be named 'Remal'. It may hit Bangladesh and West Bengal.

The Indian Meteorological Department says that a low pressure may develop over the sea by Wednesday. Low pressure is likely to form from there. That may intensify into a cyclone.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Meteorological Department has not yet released any information about the cyclone, but meteorologists say that a low pressure may form in the sea within 48 hours. It may then attain full cyclonic strength after the 24th. However, nothing definite can be said about the movement and impact of the cyclone till it develops. The matter is being monitored.

Rainfall is likely to start in Bangladesh from Friday due to the impact of the cyclone. which may continue for some days.

Cyclone Remal has been named by Oman. It means 'sand' in Arabic. There is also a city with this name 1.7 kilometers from Gaza in Palestine.

Note that Cyclone Amphan hit the coast of Bangladesh in May 2020. Because of the Sundarbans, the coast of the country was saved on his journey. Earlier, in May 2009, Sundarbans was hit by the disastrous Aila.


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