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Fear of Rohingya infiltration

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  29 Apr 2024, 14:50
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For the past several months, the country's ruling Junta party has been in fierce conflict with armed groups for seeking independence. The ongoing civil war in the country may worsen soon. In this situation, there is a fear of more Rohingya infiltration from Teknaf border in Cox's Bazar. Besides, the tension may spread in the hill tracts of Bangladesh.

A report of the Public Security Department highlighted such fears. It has been said that the attempt of Rohingya to cross the Myanmar border in Teknaf may increase in May. Besides, infiltration by Myanmar's BGP member may also increase.

According to the report of the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs, due to the situation on the Myanmar border, firearms are available there. In this case, terrorist groups can collect firearms and use those inside Bangladesh. Apart from Myanmar, the Arakan Army can also arise tension in the hilly regions of Bangladesh. Along with this, the supply of drugs and smuggled goods may also increase in the border area of Myanmar. Many more risks have mentioned in the report.


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