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Touch of life in educational institutions

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|  12 Sep 2021, 07:59
Touch of life in educational institutions
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School-colleges have been reopened after an interval of 18 months. Now educational institutions across the country including the capital have got its life back.

The government on March 17 declared all types of educational institutions closed due to the ongoing pandemic situation caused by the coronavirus. Later different initiatives were taken by the government to reopen the educational institutions but for the increasing coronavirus transmission situation it was not fruitful.

The decision about reopening of the schools and colleges was taken at a high level meeting organized at the cabinet division on September 5.

After holding the meeting Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni said, the corona transmission rate is on downward trend at the moment. The rate is 70 per cent less comparing to the rate of July. Teaching at the classrooms will resume from September 12 for the primary, secondary and higher secondary educational institutions. At the very first day classes will be held for four to five hours. Then the time will be increased gradually. While attending the classes students and teachers all have to wear face masks.

Later, secondary and higher education directorate and primary education directorate imposed different awareness directions including for conducting teaching activities.

After the decision of reopening the educational institutions the students who were passing a confined life at home and also the teachers have expressed rejoice and are ready to step into the school premises. In most cases there were festivals of cleansing activities at the school premises. Teachers and officials of the schools and colleges are ready to welcome the students with flowers and chocolate.


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