Secondary students to get ID number instead of roll

প্রকাশ | ০৪ জানুয়ারি ২০২১, ২১:০৯

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The education ministry has directed to give ID number instead of roll number for the secondary level students of the country. In this regard the direction of Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni has been sent to all regional directors, deputy directors, district education officers, principals of private and government schools and colleges and upazila education officers through the secondary and higher education directorate.

The direction signed by Director General of the directorate said, in the last education year final examinations at the secondary level were not held to protect the students from coronavirus pandemic. But according to the direction of secondary and higher education directorate evaluation activities-based on assignments were performed successfully. There are mixed reactions among the guardians whether awarding roll number would be appropriate or not based on these evaluations. Besides, the system of roll number creates competition among the students which at last stands as a bar to get quality education. To get quality education it needs to create cooperative mentality among the students in place of competition. In this regard ID number will create a favorable condition.

It was also mentioned that ID number might be provided among the students through randomization method or according to alphabetical order of the names of the students.