Students out of institutional education round the year

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The education sector of the country is in great trouble due to coronavirus pandemic situation and students have been remaining out of the institutional education nearly the whole year. PEC, JSC and even important HSC examinations were not held due to health risk. The admission tests in the schools have been cancelled and admissions will be held through lottery. Complexities have arisen regarding the admission process for the universities. The Book Festival will not be held on January 1, 2021.

The demand for closing the education institutions from different groups arose after tracing the first coronavirus infected patient in the country on March 8. Then the government declared the education institutions closed for indefinite period from March 26. Then the closure was extended in different phases. Lastly the education ministry has extended the closure till January 16, 2021.

Students have been staying far from the educational institutions nearly the whole year of 2020. This type of situation did not occur in the country after the liberation war. On August 25 the education ministry said that PEC and JSC examinations are not going to be held. The scheduled HSC examinations of April were suspended at first. After many speculations the education minister in September announced that HSC examinations will not be held. HSC results will be given based on the results of JSC and SSC examinations.

Educationist Rasheda K Chowdhury said, we have not been able yet to control the coronavirus transmission. For that reason the government took the decision. But there are different opinions on how long the closure should be continued.

In this year a major change has come in our education sector and that is Online Class. Students were not used to in this system. Online class was first introduced in the universities but later it was started for the schools and colleges. Although most of the students are out of the coverage of this system.

Due to closure of educational institutions and health risk final examinations were not held in the schools this year. They have been promoted based on the results of the previous year. Earlier lottery was arranged for the admission of class one but this time admission in all the classes are being held based on lottery.

There are major changes for university admission in this time. To avert sufferings of the students proposal of integrated admission test was given but some universities disagree with the suggestion. Later decision was made to hold the admission test under cluster method for 19 universities. The rest of the universities will arrange independent admission tests. Dhaka University will organize the test in the divisional cities.

For the last several years Book Festival was held on the first day of January but it is not going to be held in 2021. Due to corona crisis printing of new books are being late. After end of printing process books will be distributed among the students by phases.

Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni said, books will not be distributed by assembling students due to health risk.

Educationist Rasheda K Chowdhury said, centering corona situation syllabuses for the year 2021 have to be changed and education year should be arranged in different angle.

She said, we will be able to overcome the situation if the government takes special arrangements for the students including preparation for abiding by the health guidelines.

She also suggested for allocation of some time limits for teaching the lessons of previous class to cover the loss of students when education institutions will be opened.