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Sharing knowledge Abdullah Zubayer becomes renowned social media influencer

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|  23 Dec 2020, 19:04
Sharing knowledge Abdullah Zubayer becomes renowned social media influencer
Abdullah Zubayer
Abdullah Zubayer, the notable public figure has been getting a lot of momentum on social media. Abdullah, a multi-talented young sensation is Digital Creator, Social Media Influencer, Blogger and Writer. In a staggeringly short amount of time, he is setting a benchmark on the world stage by making the sort of substance that thrives when it is living and breathing via social media and web-based media. His story is proof of the term -following your passion is the best thing you could do. Having a robust fanbase of 250k he has been recognized among the topmost Influential Content Creators. Abdullah's unique personality and crystal clear deposition that makes him a motivational force on the social media platform.

He possesses talent for blogging as well. His methods and tools to access the writing strategies on a digital platform are prototypical. He has the ability to adapt with changes. As a blogger, he has gained popularity by writing well on social media platform. People know him as a blogger as well as influencer on behind of the content creator.

Today, Abdullah Zubayer is a rapid rising content creator in the comedy genre but the road to over a 2.5 lakh subscriber base on YouTube has surely not been an easy one. Since he was a kid, Abdullah was fond of telling stories and entertaining people. All throughout school and college, he was an all-round achiever in both academics as well as the extracurricular. YouTuber, Digital Creator Abdullah Zubayer has become celebrity face by making awareness video. He involved in the acting in mid 2016 and has already acted for more than 50 documentaries.

Subscribers of his YouTube channel have crossed more than two lakh mark recently. As a result, the talented digital creator has got YouTube's recognition by achieving the 'Silver Play Button'. Abdullah Zubayer started his journey with YouTube in 2016. "I make social awareness video most of the time as well as make comedy occasionally. I always try to give some messages through my videos," said Abdullah Zubayer.

Abdullah Zubayer is COO of “filmymantra”. Recently he has written three books namely - 'How To Ensure Safe Internet', 'The Revenge Of Fire' and 'The Last Envelope Of Love' which have been published on international platform like Amazon and Google Book.

In addition to those, he currently started his career as a musical artist. Abdullah Zubayer now verified artist on international platforms. He has been verified as an official music artist from the international music platform Spotify and received the official artist channel Verify on YouTube in this year. In fact, he is one of the emerging stars in the music industry. This multi-faceted digital creator, blogger and influencer is clearly on his way to conquer the world with his content generation acumen and acute sense of what the audience needs. He believes he has a lot more to show to the world. He majorly wants to serve something original and also creative and create content that can leave his audience in want of more.


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