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Education ministry formulates new syllabus for students

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|  25 Nov 2020, 19:46 | Update : 25 Nov 2020, 22:16
Education ministry formulates new syllabus for students
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Coronavirus has changed the way of people’s living style. It has brought immense change to the life of students as well as professionals and businessmen. By this time the ministry of primary and mass education and the education ministry have declared ‘auto pass’ for the students. But the pandemic situation is yet to improve. So the education ministry has taken initiatives to take examinations for the students by formulating short syllabus in advance.

Concerned said, there is fear of second corona wave in the coming winter. The education ministry in advance is working to prepare a short syllabus so that no decision like ‘auto pass’ should not be taken in the next year. Examinations will be taken after formulating short syllabus.

Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni at a virtual press conference on school admission on Wednesday said, secondary and higher secondary examination will be deferred by one or two months. Those who are scheduled to appear in SSC and HSC examinations- for them a short syllabus has been formulated keeping provision of completion within three months. In light of that examination will be taken after completion of three months classes.

The Education Minister said, we want to take classes for three months. For that reason SSC and HSC examinations will be deferred by 2/1 months.

For the last several years SSC and HSC examinations are usually held on February 1 and April 1 respectively. If there is government holiday then the examination starts on the following day. SSC examination was held in the due time but educational institutions were closed due to corona situation from March 17. At the end of year it was said that it is not possible to take the HSC examination. Results will be determined based on the students’ JSC and SSC or equivalent examinations. Measures have been taken to evaluate through weekly assignment under short syllabus from class six to nine. Admission from class one to eight will be held through lottery for the session 2021. Admission test will not be held at the school premises. Lottery method has been chosen based on different proposals.


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