Promising writer Sayef Turan publishes books

প্রকাশ | ১৪ নভেম্বর ২০২০, ১১:৪৩

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Sayef Turan is a talented young writer in Bangladesh. Recently he has published a new book titled “The Tremble Guest House”. This book is based on a paranormal travel story. Before publishing this book he wrote two books named "How To Ensure Safe Internet" in 2019 and "The Revenge Of Fire" in this year which was co authored by Abdullah Zubayer.

All of these books are published on international platform like Amazon and Google Books. He has also a plan to publish these books at “Ekushey Book Fair” next year.

Talking about the book, Sayef Turan said, “Writing has always been my first priority since childhood. I used to write on different social media and blogging sites especially on Facebook. I received many positive compliment and responses from different countries for my writing. My new books are the collection of paranormal short stories along with educational book. These books are already available on International Platform like Amazon and Google Books.But I have a plan to publish these in Ekushey Book Fair too. I'm hopeful that my readers will accept my books positively.”

Hailed from Narayanganj, Sayef is currently studying at Computer Science & Engineering at a private University. Alongside studying he is also Digital Creator and influencer.

Talking about his journey Sayef said " I started my career as a writer from 2017. Later I increased interest on content creation on social media platform and became a popular Influencer. Since then, I got a whopping followers till now". Sayef said, "Hard work never goes in vain and I believe that success only pays of with the hard work. There’s no such other short cut to move forward without having a struggleful journey".