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Higher degrees not effective in real situation: Dipu Moni

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|  14 Oct 2020, 19:29 | Update : 14 Oct 2020, 19:35
Higher degrees not effective in real situation: Dipu Moni
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Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni said, there is no link between our textbooks and the reality. For this reason higher degrees are not being effective in the real situation at the moment. So education system has been turned based on the reality.

She said this on Wednesday at a program organized by Education Reporters Association of Bangladesh (ERAB) at the International Mother Language Institute.

The Education Minister said, once upon a time it was a challenge to bring everyone under coverage of education. As that was succeed, so now emphasize has been given on quality education. Our children will be made experienced through providing quality education. For this reason a huge change has been brought in the textbooks for the students.

Dipu Moni said, not only that excess examination methods have been made in the education system. Not only for the students but it also has created much pressure on the guardians. To run for fascination of GPA-5 they are being fallen into physical, mental and social pressure. To overcome this dependency on examination and certificate has to be lessened and learning will be made enjoyable. For this reason, to ensure quality education it is necessary to ensure financial security and dignity for the teachers. Currently we are working on it. Teachers will be responsible if we can ensure the matters. Learning will be made efficient by not making it based on textbooks.


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