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Gas crisis: Cooking in the midnight

Rtv online report
|  18 Jan 2018, 00:00 | Update : 18 Jan 2018, 21:42
Gas crisis: Cooking in the midnight
For the last several days Liza Akter, a housewife from Lalbag road of old Dhaka is going to begin her cooking at 5 am. She is arranging her cooking in such a time so that her two children can get some hot food in the morning before going to school. She said she was used to start cooking at 8 am. But for the last seven days there is no gas in the line during the period. Now it is available after 12 am. So she is forced to cook in the early morning.

Liza said to Rtv online, now I complete cooking curry and vegetables in early morning. Then I serve after making those warm in the morning.

But those who cannot cook in the early morning are cooking their foods placing bricks in front of their homes in the morning. They are using newspapers and leaves to make the fire. In the densely populated areas people are sharing the makeshift burners.

There is anger among the city dwellers over the increased gas crisis though gas service bill was raised in stages. Many housewives have alleged that they were forced to change their routine of life style.

Mou Sheikh, a housewife from Mirpur 6 told Rtv online that she is forced to change her daily routine. She has to cook early in the morning or in the midnight. She is also forced to buy foods from outside. This also has made her expenditure high.

Most of the housewives are in such condition like Mou Sheikh. Many alleged that the deficit has occurred as the gas allocated for household use is being supplied to transport and industries.

There are also allegations of unavailability of gas in the following areas, capital’s Dakkhinkhan, Ashkona, Bhatara, Nayapaltan, Fakirapool, Rampura Ulan Road, Mogbazar, Modhubag, Malibag, Rampura Banashree, Dakkhin Banashree, Badda, Shahjadpur, Mohammadpur Shekhertek, Adabar, Monipur, Shewrapara, Pallabi, Mirpur 12, Lalbag of old Dhaka, Kazla of Jatrabari and Mandail of Keraniganj.

It is known that gas service is unavailable in the pipeline from 8 am to 3 pm from the beginning of this winter. In some areas gas is available after 11 am and it goes off early in the morning.

Director (Operations) of Titas Gas engineer HM Ali Ashraf said to Rtv online, the production of gas is on right track. But the usage has increased. According to our calculation the use of gas increases about 20 percent in domestic affairs during the winter. In this period people used to keep their burners open for heating cold water.

He also said, now 10 storied buildings are being erected in the place of two storied buildings. Thus the demand has increased. But at present government is not allowing new domestic connection.


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