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To keep away from viral fever

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|  26 Apr 2019, 00:00 | Update : 26 Apr 2019, 21:09
To keep away from viral fever
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Temperature is increasing day by day. In this condition body can get weak due to excess sweating. Even there is possibility to be infected with cough, appetite problem or viral fever. For this reason we need to be conscious. See what you can do to get rid of cough, appetite problem or viral fever in this hot season-

-It needs to remain clean during hot season. Wash your hands after shaking hands with cough or viral fever infected patients.

-Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth without washing your hands.

-Dehydration is one of the main reasons for viral fever. So drink more water. Avoid smoking or liquor taking.

-Try to eat your food in a comparatively vacant place so that you can avoid any affect of coughing or sneezing by other people.

-Try to use hand sanitizer all the time.


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