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What you need to do before leaving job

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|  21 Apr 2019, 00:00 | Update : 21 Apr 2019, 23:15
What you need to do before leaving job
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We have to leave jobs due to different reasons. Sometimes people are seen leaving their jobs for misunderstanding with seniors, salary related matters, pressure of work and others. It is a normal matter. But don’t forget to do some works before leaving job-

  • Many people leave their jobs after facing some situation. But before leaving the job be cool headed and think how much severe is the reason of your resignation. Try your best to solve the matter.
  • Before leaving the job inquire about the organization you are going to join. Think deeply about the responsibility of new job, career future and facilities of the organization and then take decision.
  • Try to submit your resignation letter after following rules of the organization so that nobody can tell you non-professional.
  • Say farewell after maintaining good relation with your colleagues and other officials. Because you may work with these colleagues in another place in future. Take your testimonial and release letter from the old organization.
  • Before leaving the office check your personal drawers, different files and computer to ensure that nothing of yours is left behind.

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