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Ras Kadam Recipe

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|  23 Mar 2019, 00:00 | Update : 23 Mar 2019, 21:43
Ras Kadam Recipe
The sweets that look like Kadam flower are called 'Ras Kadam'. If you or your family members like this kind of sweets then you can make those at home in a very simple way. Let's see how we can prepare Ras Kadam at home.


Milk curd (Chhana)- 2 cups, Mawa- half cup, small size sweets- 1 cup, sugar granule- 1 cup.

Making milk curd (chhana)

Liquid milk- 2 liters, white vinegar- 3 table spoon. Heat the milk properly in the stove and apply vinegar. Keep heating until it gets thick and then separate the curd using a net and wash with safe water.


You can prepare 'mawa' with half cup milk powder, 1 table spoon butter and 1 table spoon sugar powder. Make the pest using those items and keep it in refrigerator for one hour to prepare mawa.


Now prepare the small size sweets. Make thick sweet liquid with sugar, cardamom and water. Make small sweet balls using 1 cup of milk curd, 1 tea spoon full of semolina (suji) and flour. Put the small sweet balls into the pot of sweet liquid and keep heating for half an hour after covering it. Then keep the pot on the stove with slight heat for one hour. When the sweets turn into brown color turn off the stove. Make the sweets cool.

Now take some milk curd and mix sugar with it and keep heating. When it turns into thick add mawa in it and keep stirring with slight heat. When it turns into sticky turn off the stove. Now drop the sweets into the mixture and then roll it over the sugar granules. Thus you can prepare your desired 'Ras Kadam' sweets.


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