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Why Indians are leading world bigs?

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|  19 Jan 2022, 20:50
Why Indians are leading world bigs?
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Vikram Patel writes:  It has less to do with their Indian heritage and more to do with Western countries’ commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.


In these times of hyper-nationalism, inevitably fuelled by the 75th anniversary of independence, I have been flooded with messages, forwarded by patriotic relatives, friends and random persons, extolling India’s greatness.

One such message was provocatively titled “Who’s running the World?” (with no apologies to Noam Chomsky). Here is a synopsis: One day, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi were arguing about who was in charge of the world.

After much deliberation, Modi replied that all he knew was that the leading CEOs of the world were Indian. The message then rattles off a list of companies, many of which are household names (think Google and Microsoft) and, after 21 such examples, a shorter list of Indians who have ascended to political heights in other countries. And this was before a person of Indian origin ascended to the helm of Twitter and the omission of persons of Indian origin who have headed prestigious global NGOs such as Medicins sans Frontiers and Amnesty International or headed US states or European countries (Portugal and Ireland and some predict the UK in the near future!).

Source: The Indian Express

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