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Samba village in J-K gets road connectivity for the first time, residents celebrate

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|  17 Jan 2022, 19:06
Samba village in J-K gets road connectivity for the first time, residents celebrate
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The people of Darui Panchayat in the Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir on Friday started celebrating and dancing with joy after the road construction work was taken up in the village for the first time since independence.

As soon as the JCB machine was installed, the people of the village started dancing to the beats of the drum and exchanging sweets among themselves.

The work of Samba's Pahari Panchayat Darui to village Bardhan started on Friday from JCB which is 2 km 500 meters and in which Rs 2 crore 29 lakh will be spent.

The work of Panchayat Darui to village Bardhan, which is 2 km and 500 meters started on Friday. The amount of Rs 2,29,00,000 will be spent to construct this road.


The local people welcomed Vimala Devi, the sarpanch of the panchayat and thanked her as she had played a very important role in getting the road built.

Vimala Devi said the people were engaged in trying to get this road constructed since 2009 but finally the work has started in 2022.

Vimala Devi added that the this road is being built under the NABARD scheme, only for three villages. Approval has been received and after completion of this work, their next goal is to connect this road to many villages from Nangal, Khirdi and others till Purmandal.

A villager said that this road was among the long pending demands of the village as everyone from school going students to pregnant women was facing issues.

He added that the connectivity was very important between Bardhan and Lalali road. Earlier people were facing lots of problems. It was very difficult to travel. There was no road for them. Students, pregnant women, and others were facing problems. Now when the road will be constructed, it wills a big convenience for us. He is very thankful to Central Government for this.


Another villager Lambardar Khem Raj also expressed happiness over the development and said thst they thank their sarpanch and central government for fulfilling our demand. Before this they have seen the days of great difficulties, there are rivers on both sides of our village, during the rainy days they used to lift my children on my shoulders and go to school after crossing the cotton river and used to bring them with him after they leave from school. During the rainy days the water was very high.

He further said that people of many villages like Bardhan, Lalali, Nangal and Khirdi still have no access to roads and have to cross the river to go anywhere outside the village.

A local resident, Diggy Sharma said that they are very happy that the road will be constructed. The next generation will not have to face the troubles.


Sandeep Singh said that there was no road connectivity in three-four villages in Samba district. They had faced lots of difficulties. They were trying to get the road constructed for years. Because of Central Government, now they will also move ahead. Their children can easily go to schools and colleges. Earlier, they used to take the sick people on the cot. There are many more villages where there is no road connectivity. So, they urge Central Government to construct roads for them too. He is very thankful to the Central Government for this.


Source: ANI

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