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Taliban should ensure women’s freedom: Pak media

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|  30 Dec 2021, 19:01
Taliban should ensure women’s freedom: Pak media
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A recent communication by the Taliban which put limitations on the movement of Afghan women is a grim reminder that Taliban governance is gradually slipping in a ground mood.

The Express Tribune, in an editorial, advised the group to lower the guard on civil liberties and allow women to become part of the enterprising Afghan public life.

According to new directives by the Taliban, women seeking to travel longer distances must be accompanied by a close male relative, and likewise, restrictions were slapped on showing dramas and soap operas on national television.

Last but not least, the mandatory wearing of the hijab, curbs on higher education of girls and a ban on playing music are other aspects that hint at adopting stricter regulations, especially pertaining to women’s liberties and restricting their movement at ease.

This will certainly cast the Taliban rulers in a bad light as far as the West is concerned, and also bring them under pressure even from their friends and admirers, said the editorial.

Taliban, who are desperate to seek international recognition, and have time and again been reminded that release of their legal foreign assets and humanitarian aid is indispensable to keep them going has not completed a single parameter to get the recognition.

Respect for women and human rights, establishing inclusive government, not allowing Afghanistan to become a safe haven of terrorism are the preconditions for the recognition set by the international community.

The Taliban are still longing for a de jure status in the comity of nations. This could be one factor of irksome behaviour as Taliban try to adopt a more theocratic approach in state business visible in the latest instructions and policy guidance from the group, wrote The Express Tribune.

Enabling girls to get an education and drive vehicles and giving them permission to work in offices and perform daily chores will be appreciated, and is a must in today’s interdependent lifestyle where men and women together help families to make ends meet. The Saudis have led from the front in reforming their society, and the Taliban should take a cue from them, added the editorial.

Source: ANI

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