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Hot deserts to icy heights and seas: Indian military holds joint exercises on all fronts

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|  23 Dec 2021, 17:27
Hot deserts to icy heights and seas: Indian military holds joint exercises on all fronts
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All the fronts, icy heights of ladakh and Kashmir to hot deserts and seas, Indian armed forces have been carrying out war games aimed at synergy. The latest is an ongoing exercise in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands with thousands participating.

The current exercise is critical for enhancing capabilities and to test India's response in a synergised manner with the Army, Navy and Air Force coming together, keeping in mind threats from China in the seas. A similar exercise took place recently along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh and the Line of Control (LOC) facing Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir.

In November, the Indian Army organised a theatre level exercise with 3000- troops the western sector, aimed at fighting future wars with synergy among forces. The Indian Army, Indian Air force, Indian Navy, Border Security Force, Indian Coast Guard and National Intelligence Organisations were part of the exercise.


The Indian military is looking at a new theatre command model for an integrated approach to warfare with all three forces sharing their resources and functioning under common commands.Four commands have been planned as of now — two for land and one each for air and maritime operations.

As part of the ongoing exercise in Andaman and Nicobar islands, troops of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force were mobilised for amphibious landing, in close coordination with the paradrop of airborne troops, sources said.

Amphibious landing is a term used for ground troops being indicted on the sea shore from the ships under covering fire from the warships and aircraft.As part of the exercise, paratroopers of the Agra-based Shatrujeet Brigade who had moved from the mainland service executed an airborne drop service on the island territory of Andamans in a realistic tactical setting under the overall command and control of Andaman and Nicobar Command, which is the only joint services operational command of the defence forces of the India.

The Andamans has strategic importance for India as most trade channels cut through the region and, amid China’s muscle flexing in the region, India is looking at enhancing its maritime capabilities.Lt. Gen Ajai Singh, Commander-in-Chief Andaman Nicobar Command witnessed the Airborne Exercise and complimented the paratroopers for their battle readiness.

Source: India Today

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