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Covid-19 Scam 2021: Funds to Help India in Covid-19 Crisis, Spent in Terror

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|  16 Jun 2021, 17:47
Covid-19 Scam 2021: Funds to Help India in Covid-19 Crisis, Spent in Terror
As India witnessed a second devastating surge in Covid-19 cases, help came from all around the world. However, some organisations use the crisis to collect funds illegitimately in the name of charity.

In an elaborate report, DisInfo Lab uncovered the 'Covid-19 Scam 2021', which it says is "one of the worst scams in human history" in terms of the humanitarian cost as millions of dollars were stolen in the name of 'Helping India Breath'.

United States-based Pakistan-linked charity organisations collected funds in name of helping India in the Covid-19 crisis, however, the donated millions of dollars are likely to be used for "fomenting protests and sponsoring outright terror attacks", according to a report.

The DisInfo Lab exposed several charity organisations, which managed to raise funds by exploiting India's hard-earned goodwill.

These organisations have close ties with radical Islamists and terrorists' organizations and being run in cahoots with the Pakistan army.
One such Islamic organisation is the IMANA-Islamic Medical Association of North America"Funds worth tens of crores donated by well-meaning people world over to help India in crisis - has been stolen. There is no accountability and in the present globalised world, no mechanism to ensure any accountability," said the report.
According to DisInfo Lab's calculations based on the funds they collected in the specific time period, there was a time they were receiving donations at a speed of USD 100K per hour. The total amount, as per the calculations, can be anywhere between Rs.30 crore to Rs.158 crore. DisInfo Lab said, "Given that IMANA has almost zero transparency about the fund it collected, there is no way to ascertain the actual amount it might have received."

IMANA was not the only organisation running fundraisers on the pretext of helping India. DisInfo Lab found at least 66 such campaigns on just one platform, Launch Good. DisInfo Lab said.
The organisations "mopped up" the crucial fund at a critical time which could have saved lives and "exploited" the goodwill that India and Indians have acquired the world over, said the report.
Several organisations with questionable background and no authorized approval ran campaigns and collected funds. There were around 23 such organisations, and they managed to collect over USD 1.2 million with small fundraisers.
"Funds, which in right hands would have saved so many lives. What is most tragic about the whole episode is that several of these organizations had no intention of doing even symbolic help to begin with," it added.
This whole "farce" pulled out by the so-called charity organizations was not merely a financial fraud but was a crime against humanity at multiple levels, said the report.
The DisInfo lab suggested that the governments - from the USA to India - should take note of the terror-funding money-making machinery and provide some mechanism to ensure transparency from these groups.

Source: ANI

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