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'A new chapter of social harmony has begun in the pandemic'

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|  25 Nov 2020, 21:01 | Update : 27 Dec 2020, 11:19
'A new chapter of social harmony has begun in the pandemic'
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A new world has begun through the corona. Every person living in society from a different religion, caste, creed, and gender. They help each other from their respective places. The ethnic division could not stand in the way. Through this, a new chapter of religious and social harmony has begun.

Maulana Mazharul Islam, Khatib of the historic Khwaja Amber Shah Jame Mosque in the capital, made such remarks during a discussion on Diversity Talks on Friday night. 

He was speaking at the Diversity Talks, which is jointly organized by the Institute for Environment and Development (IED) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Maulana Mazharul Islam, who contributed to humanitarian aid in the time of the pandemic, six other guests also took part in the discussion titled 'Bangladesh of Harmony' hosted by journalist Munni Saha. 

They are Gyan Prakashananda Maharaj, principal of Jessore Ramakrishna Mission, Anitya Mankhin, an indigenous researcher, Nishi Sarkar, a transgender activist from Sherpur, Shila Goala, a tea worker who won the Jayeeta Award, Hasan Ali, ageing activist, and Nur Nahyan, president of Bangladesh Wheelchair Sports Foundation.

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