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Why plane fare is three times higher for hajj pilgrims in Bangladesh?

Nazib Farayezi
|  14 Aug 2018, 00:00 | Update : 14 Aug 2018, 21:32
Why plane fare is three times higher for hajj pilgrims in Bangladesh?
Plane fare for hajj passengers are collected several times higher than the normal period. Hajj agencies termed the decision of increasing plane fair as unjust and illogic as plane fare was not increased internationally.

Even Religious Affairs Ministry thinks that the matter is abnormal but Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry in not willing to talk over the issue.

A general passenger used to pay taka 50 thousand highest for plane fare with return ticket for travelling Saudi Arabia in other airlines including Bangladesh Biman at any time throughout the year. But plane fares from hajj passengers are collected several times higher. This year the plane fare for hajj pilgrims was fixed at taka one lakh 38 thousand 191. Which was 14 thousand taka more than the previous year.

Proprietor of Ali Air Travels and Tours, Hossain Ahmed Majumder said, plane fare was not increased in any country of the world, but it was increased in our country. Usually 38 thousand taka is taken for one seat. But due to hajj it turns into one lakh 38 thousand.

Mentioning example he said, from our neighboring country India pilgrims are going Saudi Arabia with expense of 850 dollars. Whereas, in our country hajj pilgrims are taken with a cost of 1575 dollars. Though we are neighboring countries but the difference is double.

Proprietor of Imdad Air Travels and Tours, Md. Imdadullah Sayeed said, 40 thousand taka is charged for plane fare for sending umrah hajj passengers, according to the speech of Biman that seat returns vacant. If that is counted than the fare should be 80 thousand taka.

Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAAB) says, Bangladesh Biman and Saudi Airlines without any reason in imperious move collect illogical fare from the passengers.

HAAB Secretary General Shahadat Hossain Taslim said, forcing hajj passengers to travel on two airlines, forcing them to buy tickets in highest price, these all means violating their rights. If we look into India, Pakistan or Indonesia than we will see that passengers are not taken in this way.

Acknowledging the matter, in charge of hajj operations Religious Affairs Secretary Md. Anisur Rahman said that they had nothing to do as the matter of charging plane fare is jurisdiction of another ministry.

He said, Religious Affairs Ministry is not associated with fixing plane fare. We only implement that what the Aviation Ministry gives us. But we acknowledge that higher fare is being taken.

In this regard Civil Aviation Ministry declined to comment.

The associated persons urged for integrated initiatives to reduce plane fare for hajj pilgrims at an acceptable level as well as government to be more sincere.


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