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Rtv steps into 16th year

Rtv news
|  26 Dec 2020, 19:41
Rtv steps into 16th year
After completing 15 years country’s popular satellite channel Rtv has stepped in to 16th year today. With the slogan ‘For Today and Tomorrow’ Rtv has begun its journey as the fifth private television channel on 26th December 2005. In its long journey Rtv has decorated its programs and news by giving preference to the viewers’ choices. In return it has gained huge love from the spectators.

The channel has moved forward with the target of meeting viewers’ demand. Rtv has taken the top position with its new programs, dramas, talk shows, reality shows, award programs and different trend of news.

Rtv news first unearthed appointment scandal in the railway division. The ‘black cat’ comes out of the bag in the interview of the then driver of the APS of the concerned minister. But fire incident in Rtv building on February 26, 2007 hampered the rhythm. The disaster again occurred in 2014 but the popular channel has never missed its track of target.

Talk shows like ‘Gol Tebil’, ‘Kemon Bangladesh Chai’, ‘Aj Patrikay’ and apart from popular programs ‘Star Awards’, ‘Alokito Nari Padak’ have taken it into unique height. The channel has also introduced ‘Islamic Talent Hunt’ program. Centering Eid Days and other events it broadcasts popular and different types of dramas.

As well as success there are few challenges. It this period of covid-19 pandemic Rtv staffs have not stopped. Risking their lives they have travelled from one part to another of the country to meet the demand of the spectators.

To protect themselves during the hard days of the ongoing pandemic Rtv workers have made the television screen active by dividing them into some groups and by working from homes. From the point of responsibility in the field of practicing songs Rtv organized new reality show ‘Bengal Cement Banglar Gayen’.

On the eve of the founding anniversary of Rtv its Chief Executive Officer Syed Ashik Rahman said, at first I congratulate all the viewers, advertising agencies, technicians and cable operators. With all out efforts we have stepped into 16th year passing the last 15 years. We always are careful about people’s choice. Centering the founding anniversary and the New Year we have taken special arrangements of programs from December 25 to 31. ‘Bou Kotha Kou’ will be the new attraction with sweet and sour relation of bride and mother in law. Besides there are serials ‘Off the Record’ and ‘Twin Village’ and other arrangements. We have always given priority to the newness. We have proven our dedication through the programs of ‘Music Station’, ‘Folk Station, ‘Folk Studio’ and ‘Banglar Gayen’. With these programs new musicians are flourishing in the lime light and we are maintaining care for the music arena. When covid-19 pandemic spread across the globe we took the decision to make people conscious apart from making people entertained. We also emphasized on treatment. Then we have begun two treatment and suggestion based  programs ‘Corona Help Line’ and ‘Ei Muhurte Bangladesh’. We have also put emphasize on consciousness of people and treatment regarding covid-19. As we are beside the spectators so they are staying beside us. They are watching Rtv. I believe they will remain beside us in the coming days.


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