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Working to establish pure Bangla music everywhere: Saif Shuvo

Rtv news
|  13 Sep 2020, 19:36
Working to establish pure Bangla music everywhere:  Saif Shuvo
Saif Shuvo
Some of the songs sung by Saif Shuvo have been well received by the audience and the singer wants to set up a music academy where he can offer learning music for free. In a conversation with Rtv news, he expressed his desires, future plans, current activities and others.

Rtv news: What are you currently busy with?

Saif Shuvo: COVID-19 has severely disrupted our normal life. Usually I spend time recording songs, studio works, stage shows and concerts. Now I am at home and taking part in various live music programs through social media and the studio work for my upcoming songs. Recently I joined the live program from a popular musical facebook page in Kolkata. I am from Bangladesh and Mou Chatterjee from India are spending time like this way.

Rtv news: Which of your songs have gained huge popularity?

Saif Shuvo: Recently released song "Nashta Manush" which came from the banner of Studio Joya, “Din Raat” from my 1st solo album, “Hridayer Bahasa” which came from the most popular banner of Bangladesh "Laser Vision" in 2016, get a lot of good listeners. Besides, the song titled “Ami Valo Nei” from the banner of Studio Jaya, released on the valentine day, 14th February 2020 has gained huge popularity.

Rtv news: Will any new song be released in future?

Saif Shuvo: Yes, new songs are being created. Two new songs are being created on the occasion of the new year 2021. As soon as the recordings are over, the music videos of the songs will be released. I hope the songs will be released on the 1st day of new year 2021.

Rtv news: What else you do apart from the music?

Saif Shuvo: I am a man of song, I live by the song. Music and only music is my life.

Rtv news: Are you involved in music since childhood?

Saif Shuvo: Actually, I became fond of music from the early stage of my childhood. In the year 1998, when I was a student of class two, I was living at my village home in Jamalpur district. Load shedding was normal then. Whenever there was load shedding, I used to sit in the backyard and sang the song “Amar Sara Deho Kheyogo Mati” which was sung by the legendary singer of Bangladesh. That was the ground of my learning to music.

Rtv news: What are your future plans for music?

Saif Shuvo: I think it's not just me, those involved in Bangla music, have plans and desires to establish pure Bangla music all over the world. I also want pure Bangla music to be established all over the world. I am working towards that goal, I will continue to work in that way as long as I live, InshaAllah.


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