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Omar Sani gets very angry

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|  09 Mar 2018, 00:00 | Update : 09 Mar 2018, 20:26
Omar Sani gets very angry
Popular film actor Omar Sani has got very angry at an online news portal that published confusing news of his death. In response to this he said in a video message that he is doing well at the moment.

Again, at 3:45 pm on Friday Omar Sani appeared before Facebook live and said, ‘Everybody has to die. Those who published such false news also have to die. I thought to take legal action. But Moushumi told me that let the matter drop and nothing needs to be done in this regard.’

He also said that those who controls and gives registration such ‘fake’ news portals should take measures to cancel their licenses.

Naming an online portal Omar Sani said, ‘I demand cancellation of this portal. Otherwise I will take legal action against such portals if they continue to publish such news.’

About his sickness Omar Sani said, ‘I am doing well at the moment. On Monday I went to my friend Dr. Saiful for my regular check up. They told me to perform angiogram. Then four heart blocks were detected. Later rings were placed there. With the blessing of Allah I am very well at the moment.’

Omar Sani directed nearly 60 dramas for television in his career. He helped a number of artists and directors to build their career. People from film arena inquired about him but nobody associated with television inquired following his sickness.

Under the circumstance he said, ‘I have no complain to anybody. But I would feel good if they inquire about me in such crucial period.’ 


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