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Raj-Subhashree Married

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|  07 Mar 2018, 00:00 | Update : 07 Mar 2018, 13:26
Raj-Subhashree Married
Finally, director Raj Chakraborty married heroine Subhashree Ganguly. On Tuesday night, the heroine and director of Kolkata films changed the rings. The registration of Raj-Subhashree has been done at the same time.

Together they uncovered the news of entering their new lives. Raj and Subhashree posted photos of their ring exchanges on Twitter.

Raj wrote in the tweet, 'After all the different opinions we choose each other today. The rest of the life we will walk together. I wish everyone's blessings and love. '

Subhashree wrote, 'I love my love story. I know it is very orderless but this is the story that make us be together. '

Meanwhile, Raj-Subhashree's marriage was attended by Raj's longtime friend actor Rudranil. He said, after so many gossips one thing comes to my mind today that old love is the real love. Raj-Subhashree both had much tension so many days. Sometimes they reacted, sometimes kept silent. Today I am hopeful that both of them will be able to concentrate more on their work. The work will be more focused.

Prior to Subhashree, Raj had a long-standing relationship with Mimi Chakraborty, another popular heroine of Kolkata. But at one time the relationship broke down. Finally, Subhashree emerged as the lover of Raj.


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