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'In Search of a Good Story'

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|  03 Mar 2018, 00:00 | Update : 04 Mar 2018, 18:35
'In Search of a Good Story'
Popular writer Ashraf, for a few days, doesn’t find plots to write new stories. He feels almost like prisoner in the four walls of Dhaka city.

The mind is unstable and needs to have a clean breath. But he cannot finish writing because there is no line in mind. At that time, Shahid comes to Ashraf's house.

After listening to Shahid, both of them get out to find a good story. Ashraf thinks it would not be bad to have a travel for a little while, at the same time good story might be found. Ashraf cannot imagine that the story he is about to find is the story of Shahid's own life.

Young man Shaheed newly came to study in Dhaka. During a purposeless train journey on a holiday, a girl named Rupa first meets him in the station. At first sight Shahid falls in love with Rupa.

Rupa studies in Dhaka. No parents, close relatives to say are maternal uncle and aunt. Shahid gets acquainted with Rupa while waiting for train at the station. Shaheed hides his destination and starts traveling in the same train. There is much chit-chat in the train between the two. After Rupa’s getting down from the train, Shahid himself also gets down.

Then he asks Rupa the phone number and instead Rupa takes his phone number. This is how sequences of “Ekti Valo Golper Khoje” (In Search of a Good Story) go ahead.

Farhan Jovan, Salha Khanom Nadia, Ashis Ashraful, Ananda Khaled, Ferdous Arefin and many others have played roles in this play.

Mahdi Shaon directed the play in the writings of Muhammad Abu Rajin. The play“In Search of a Good Story” will be shown on the private TV channel RTV on March 3, Saturday night at 8:10pm.


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