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Film Actors’ Association pays homage to Nayak Raj

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|  23 Jan 2018, 00:00 | Update : 23 Jan 2018, 23:15
Film Actors’ Association pays homage to Nayak Raj
Today (January 23) is the birth day of most honorable film actor Razzak. To mark the day wreath of flowers was offered by the Bangladesh Film Actors’ Association to the grave of Nayak Raj Razzak at the Banani graveyard. Association president Misha Saudagar, vice president Riaz and general secretary Zayed Khan were present at that time.

For the first time after death of Nayak Raj this birth day is being celebrated. Family of Razzak and film associated organizations are observing different programs to observe the day. Of these there are reciting from Quran, milad and discussion meeting.

Nayak Raj Razzak was born in 1942 in Kolkata. He came to Dhaka in 1964. After that he engaged in the film industry. After acting in minor role in some cinemas he played the hero role in the film ‘Behula’. The film released in 1967. That was the beginning. In association with acting he directed some films. He directed about 16 films in his career.

Of his acted films the notable are: Slogan, Amar Jonmobhumi, Otithi, Ke Tumi, Swapna Diye Ghera, Priyotoma, Polatok, Jhorer Pakhi, Khelaghar, Chokher Jole, Alor Michil, Obak Prithibi, Bhaibon, Badi Theke Begum, Sadhu Soytan, Onel Prem Onek Jala, Mayar Badhon, Gunda, Agun, Motimahal, Omor Prem, Jadur Banshi, Oginshikha, Bondhu, Kapurush, Oshikkhito, Sokhi Tumi Kar, Nagin, Anarkali, Laily Majnu, Lalu Bhulu, Sakkhor, Debar Bhabi, Ram Rahim John, Adorer Bon, Darbar and Sothiner Songshar.

Nayak Raj Razzak passed away on August 21 last year.


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