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‘Janmabhumi’ a film of dream for Saira

A H Murad, Rtv online
|  14 Dec 2018, 00:00 | Update : 14 Dec 2018, 23:45
‘Janmabhumi’ a film of dream for Saira
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Full name Saira Akter Jahan. Popularly known as Saira in the showbiz arena. She stepped into the media through modeling in 2014. She was seen in music videos and some dramas. But the target of this model-actress was to act in film. From her heart she wanted to act in films. Saira enjoyed different type films from across the world including Bangladesh. She wished to act in a film based on story.

But the glamour girl never thought that her dream would be real so hurriedly. Prasoon Rahman, the film maker of ‘Sutopar Thikana’ was looking for a heroine for his new film. The director wanted for a less renowned one for his film ‘Janmabhumi-The Birth Land’. To make the character realistic to the audience the director thought so.

One day over mobile phone he told Saira that he is looking for a heroine for his new film. The character is about a pregnant woman who came to Bangladesh from Myanmar.

Saira, much discussed for her music video ‘Chhip Nouko’ agreed to work for the film after hearing the story of ‘Janmabhumi-The Birth Land’ from the director. She said that she is a fan of Prasoon Rahman’s writings. She also enjoyed the film ‘Sutopar Thikana’ made by the director. Considering all she did not hesitate to take the decision.

Prasoon Rahman said, Saira hails from Chattogram. There is little similarity between the languages of Chattogram with the language of Myanmar. I thought it would be easy for her (Saira).

Burt Saira said, though I am an inhabitant of Chattogram but nobody talk to me over that language. For that I am not efficient in the language. However, Prasoon vai had casted me giving importance to that matter (laugh).

She also said, ‘Janmabhumi’ film is based on an international issue. So it was like a dream to take the opportunity of central role there. One thing influenced me that if I would perform my acting with my best then it would create imagination among the refugees after release of the film. It is the significance of my life.

Career’s first film with an important issue, so how much satisfied you are about your acting? In reply Saira said, I like realistic story and character. Every person has a story in his or her life. As a result there was a challenge at one end, again after acting it seemed that I had done something.

Popular actor Rawnak Hasan played his role against the character of Saira in ‘Janmabhumi’. About the co-artist she said, Rawnak vai is a good actor that I have understood while working. He is a very cooperative person. There is much more to learn from him. We all  worked like a family during our shooting.

To the audience Saira said, to uphold a story to you we have acted in Rohingya camps, hills, under the sun and rain. It is being showed in the Star Cineplex from Friday. I hope you all will watch the film after going to the hall. Our hard work will succeed if you watch the film.

The film ‘Janmabhumi’ produced by Bengal Multimedia is being showed in the Star Cineplex in the capital from Friday (December 14). Apart from Saira and Rawnak the film is also acted by Sangeeta Chowdhury, Angkan Chakma, Joynal Jack, Pamela Ketcher, Nasir Uddin and others.

Translated By Aleem Al Hasan                   

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