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A family in photograph!

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|  08 Jan 2018, 00:00 | Update : 08 Jan 2018, 21:39
A family in photograph!

Both the stars have achieved enchanting success in their carrier. They got married after a successful affair. They have a son. They are the icons of many stars. They could be an ideal couple. But that did not happen. Talking about Dhaliwood super star Shakib Khan and the queen Apu Biswas.
In last April Apu Biswas disclosed about their secret marriage after nine years. He appeared before media with their son Abram Khan Joy. The incident made Shakib very angry at first. But later he said to the media that he would take Apu to his own home in the coming Pohela Boishakh. 
On that day Shakib and Apu took some photographs along with their son Abram in front of the media activists. But those were the last photographs as a couple. Aftermaths, they were seen individually in the photographs with their son but were not seen in photos together. 
Apu repeatedly was saying that she wanted to maintain family with Shakib. She got married through loving him. To get marry she left Hindu religion and took Islam. Meanwhile, after passing Pohela Boishakh Shakib did not take Apu to his home. When the close associates of Apu asked her about it then she repeatedly said, why should I go to the home of Shakib to maintain the family?
But the matter was hidden behind the question that Shakib did not want to maintain the relation. Which Apu always tried to conceal. Those who were in waiting for their togetherness got stuck following sending of divorce notice by Shakib to Apu in the later part of November. 
Though Shakib and Apu did not maintain domestic life but there were huge discussions and are also going on in social media. The individual photographs of Shakib and Apu with son Abram are being seen viral in the social media. As if it is a family in photographs! Even they were not seen together on the Eid Day. Shakib brought his son by a relative to him and travelled on a car on the Eid Day. That photo was also seen viral. 
From film industry to the people all walks of life want that Shakib and Apu would make their home sweet with their son. Even actor Omar Sani also urged them in a Facebook status to come together. But nobody knows how many days should we wait to see where the relation ends. 

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