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Rtv one of the best channels in satellite world

Rtv online report
|  25 Dec 2017, 00:00 | Update : 25 Dec 2017, 22:37
Rtv one of the best channels in satellite world
Satellite television has brought the world in people’s home. It has enriched life by providing information. Rtv is one of the best among the top popular satellite channels in Bangladesh.

There are news, entertainment programs, dramas, public awareness reports, current public related important discussions in the channel’s regular broadcasting. Apart from this there are some excellent attainment in the year 2017.

At the beginning of the year Rtv presented a star shining evening to the spectators. The channel organized ‘Lux-Rtv Star Award’ to recognize the achievers in the cultural arena.

Rtv is also aware of its own social responsibility. So it observed ‘World Autism Awareness Day’ on April 2 among its different programs. This channel is always vocal on the matter of women empowerment. From this mentality it organized the program ‘Alokito Nari’.

In association with the program for senior citizens it also organized ‘Dabur Vatika Campus Star’ competition to hunt for new and young talents.

The popularity of Rtv proved in the middle of the year with the fulfillment of one crore like by its fans and supporters on its face book page. On that day Rtv was on 132nd position in the ‘Media Category’ of the face book pages throughout the world.

To reach the culture of Bangla into the world different season based programs like Boishakhi, Basanta or Nabanna  festivals were organized throughout the year.

Rtv is always in front stage for humanitarian services. With this continuation the channel stood beside the flood affected people with relief items. Steps were also taken for the evicted Rohingya people to express sympathy.

Rtv is the equal vocal on the national significant days. So it organized different programs to observe the National Mourning Day on August 15 with due respect and dignity.

In this year Rtv joined as global partner with some internationally reputed media. This attainment enriched in August with winning the ‘Social Media Campaign of the Year’ reward. On the next month Chief Executive Officer of Rtv was awarded ‘Global Brand Excellence Award’ as ‘Best CEO of the Year’.

To provide more entertainment to the spectators Rtv was associated with production of two films named ‘Shoshurbari Zindabad 2’ and ‘Jodi Ekdin’.

Spectators and fans are expecting that with the continuation of these achievements Rtv will offer better programs in the new year.


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