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Gold, silver being exported to overseas from home

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|  20 Nov 2021, 20:26
Gold, silver being exported to overseas from home
Photo: Collected
Hawkers collect old and out of order electronic goods from home to home across the country including in the capital. But these old and out of order electronic materials are being sent to overseas countries as there is no facility for recycling in our country. Mentionable that these electronic goods or e-wastes consist precious metals like gold and silver and for that reason demand for these materials has risen in the overseas countries.

Concerned say, in the country keeping pace with the time the demand for mobile phones, desktop computers, laptop computers and other electronic materials is on rise. If the recycling facility is available in the country then these e-wastes would not go abroad. These precious metals from the e-wastes might remain in our country if local recycling companies would come forward.

e-wastes are made separate in different process. Of that equipment parts and metals are being separated. The e-waste collecting firms are exporting hundreds of tons of computers, laptops, mobile phones and RAMs to foreign countries every year.

According to a research conducted by BUET, 600 grams of gold can be collected from one ton PCB and RAM. The market price of this amount of gold is 19 lakh 59 thousand taka in the country. Besides, silver, copper and other valuable metals are collected from the e-wastes.


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